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The O'Reilly Sucks Blog

More Republican Corruption And Of Course O'Reilly Ignored It
By: Steve - October 24, 2014 - 10:00am

The Republican Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard was indicted by a grand jury on 23 separate felony corruption charges Monday. The Republican leader was booked on the charges Monday afternoon and his trial is scheduled to start October 27th.

Hubbard is accused of using his office for personal gain and soliciting money and other valuables from others. The investigation into Hubbard has also led to two other Republicans being charged with crimes.

State Rep. Greg Wren has already pleaded guilty a misdemeanor charge and has resigned from office. State Rep. Barry Moore has been charged with perjury and providing a false statement.

Hubbard faces the following charges and either obtained favors or solicited from many noteworthy businessmen and former politicians in Alabama.

Four counts of using of his office as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party for personal gain; One count of voting for legislation with a conflict of interest; Eleven counts of soliciting or receiving a thing of value from a lobbyist or principal; Two counts of using his office as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives for personal gain; Four Counts of lobbying an executive department or agency for a fee; and one count of using state equipment, materials, etc. for private gain.

According to the indictment, Hubbard solicited favors from some of Alabama’s most rich and powerful people. They include former Alabama Governor Bob Riley, Business Council of Alabama CEO Billy Canary, Hoar Construction CEO Rob Burton, Great Southern Wood CEO Jimmy Rane, former Sterne Agee CEO James Holbrook, lobbyist Minda Riley Campbell, Harbert Management Corp. vice president Will Brooke and political operative Dax Swatek.

And get this, Hubbard has not resigned or stepped down until the trial is over, he attended a campaign forum in Auburn where he debated issues with other lawmakers. He also posted a photo from the event on his Facebook page.

These charges make former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's corruption, for which he was found guilty on multiple counts, seem like almost nothing. At least with McDonnell, he and his wife were the recipients of gifts and cash from one single person looking for favors.

In Hubbard’s case, he had his hand out to multiple people, letting them all know his office and position were for sale. Now, Hubbard is looking at a possible prison sentence of 20 years and fines that could total over $600,000.

The Wednesday 10-22-14 O'Reilly Factor Review
By: Steve - October 23, 2014 - 11:00am

The TPM was called: Scaring Americans. The biased and dishonest Bill O'Reilly said this:
O'REILLY: With the President's job approval ratings falling fast, some of his supporters are blaming the fear factor. They say things are not really that bad in the USA, but commentators like me and others, are instilling fear among the population. Ebola, ISIS, and the soft economy are all overblown, they say.

There will be no Ebola epidemic in America - that will not happen. But the fact that the feds screwed things up so badly, causing two Dallas nurses to contract the disease because a Liberian with Ebola was admitted to the USA, should scare the hell out of everybody.

Now onto ISIS and other terrorist activity. Some far-left folks are not all that concerned. It's over there so why should we be afraid? Tell that to the families of the two Canadian soldiers killed this week in their own country by terrorists striking out at random.

President Obama will have to stand on his own performance. The smoke screen of fear is nonsense, just another lame attempt to divert attention away from the real problem: weak leadership.
Comment: Wow! The scaremonger O'Reilly finally admitted there will be no Ebola epidemic in America, after a month of saying it was a crisis and chaos. But he most likely only admitted it because everyone was calling him a fearmongering fool, so he finally admitted he was wrong.

The right-wing stooge Bret Stephens was then on from the Wall Street Journal, and he said the liberal media is too emotionally tied to the President to give us honest information about the threat from Ebola.

Which is a lie, and O'Reilly was not even buying it, saying this: "I am more concerned over the threat of global terrorism, which has now arrived on Canada's front door"

Comment: Remember this, I have been telling you all along that Ebola is not a crisis, or chaos, that it will never be a big problem here, just like the swine flu, bird flu, etc. We have ways to control such things, and we always do. I was right, and O'Reilly was wrong, the sad part is it took him almost a month to finally admit it.

Then Martha MacCallum was on to discuss an article in the St. Louis Dispatch that cited a source close to Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson who said teenager Michael Brown attacked Wilson in his police car causing the officer to shoot the teen. An autopsy report also has many new details regarding Brown's killing.

Comment: With no Democratic guest for balance, and this was leaked info, which O'Reilly usually condemns, except when it helps his arguments. Not to mention, it still does not explain why Wilson kept shooting after Brown put his hands up and tried to surrender, killing an unarmed black kid, O'Reilly says nothing about that, which is the main complaint in the case.

MacCallum summarized the report - a source claimed Michael Brown punched the police officer on both sides of his face and pushed the patrol car door closed. Even the attorney for Brown's family admitted there are eyewitness reports of a brief altercation at the car. The autopsy also corroborated Officer Wilson's account that Brown attempted to take his gun from his holster and a struggle ensued.

O'Reilly concluded there is still doubt about what happened outside the car because the new reports are using an anonymous source. However, the leaked autopsy destroys some of the initial reporting that this was aggressive action by the police officer who shot a fleeing Michael Brown.

Comment: Wrong, it does not say the officer did not shoot a fleeing Michael Brown, O'Reilly is lying about that. It says nothing like that, and that is the main problem. Other witnesses say he ran away and put his hands up and the officer shot and killed him anyway, O'Reilly says nothing about that and never once mentions the witnesses who say they saw that happen.

Then Dana Perino was on to talk about the elections, and of course no Democratic guest was on for balance.

O'Reilly reminded viewers that President Bush, Perino's former boss, was almost as unpopular at the end of his second term as President Obama is now. Perino alleged the situation for Obama is worse because there are more Senate Democrats who are vulnerable and they're trying to distance themselves from him.

She also gave us some inside baseball - because President Bush knew history well and knew other presidents had been through this sort of thing, he didn't take it personally when he was shunned by his own party the way Obama seems to.

Comment: And that is right-wing spin from two Republicans, so they are biased. Some Democrats are not using Obama because his approval ratings are low, but he is not even close to being as unpopular as Bush, and the Obama approval ratings are low for totally different reasons, not like Bush, who everyone hated by the time he left office, the Obama approval ratings will most likely go back up before he leaves office.

Then O'Reilly talked about Jon Stewart On the Daily Show, the subject of white privilege came up. Jon Stewart asserted that the O'Reilly benefits from it because he grew up in Levittown, a place where blacks couldn't live in 1950.

Eric Shawn reported that the federal government actually stipulated the house O'Reilly grew up in could only be owned by Whites, but that started to change a few years later with some court cases. O'Reilly gave Stewart props for having his facts right, but maintained that Levittown was not Bel Air and there was no privilege associated with growing up there.

Comment: Which is just laughable, it was a whites only housing community, only whites could get houses there, not even black veterans could get them. And they only let blacks in after the courts ruled it was illegal, and to this day Levittown is still 97% white, with very few blacks or any other minorities there.

O'Reilly is insane to say that was not white privilege, it was then and still is now, and he is the only person in the world who even denies it. It was 100% white privilege, and a lot of it is still happening today, over home loans, car loans, jobs, etc. Whites have a much better percentage of getting jobs, home loans, car loans, etc. than blacks, and that is a fact, the stats prove it. O'Reilly is just a fool that will not admit he is wrong.

And finally, the lame Factor tip of the day called: TURN. THE. MACHINES. OFF. Billy said this: "Turn the machines off! Kids, and even some adults, are spending all their leisure time losing themselves in technology at the expense of real world experience and thought. Here's a tip: schedule time each day when the machines take a rest."

Facts That Prove White Privilege Is Real In America
By: Steve - October 23, 2014 - 10:00am

Next Time Someone Says 'White Privilege Isn't Real,' Show Them This!

Think white privilege doesn't exist in America? Bill O'Reilly! Consider just how much the color of a child's skin changes his or her odds of escaping poverty later in life.

Studies show that 16 percent of white children born into the poorest one-fifth of U.S. families will rise to become a member of the top one-fifth by the time they turn 40 years old, according to a new study by Brookings Institution researchers for the Boston Federal Reserve.

Those are very bleak odds, but for poor black children the odds of making it to the top are even longer: Only 3 percent of black children born into the poorest one-fifth of families will ever make the leap to the top income group, according to the study.

Even if they don't always make it to the top of the income ladder, poor whites escape the worst forms of poverty more often than poor blacks. Only 23 percent of poor white children will still be counted among the poorest Americans when they turn 40, while a whopping 51 percent of poor black children will.

The poorest white Americans have a decent shot of ending up in a higher tier than their parents -- 58 percent of white children from the poorest families end up in one of the top three income brackets.

But for black Americans, escaping poverty is far more difficult.

Just 22 percent of the poorest black children manage to get into the top three income brackets by the time they are 40. And note that there aren't even enough black families in the top income bracket to do statistically significant analysis.

The findings in the paper, co-authored by Brookings economists Richard V. Reeves and Isabel V. Sawhill, run counter to the beliefs of the people at Fox News, especially Bill O'Reilly, who argues that racism in this country has diminished to the point that white privilege no longer exists.

O'Reilly visited The Daily Show last week and argued that their is no white privilege anymore, and that any person, regardless of race, can get rich in America so long as they work hard.

But opportunities for success are clearly not that simple, for a host of reasons: The legacies of slavery and Jim Crow, decades of racist housing policies, educational disparities, employment discrimination, and a race-fueled War on Drugs.

Where you start in life financially matters a lot, too: If you're born in the poorest 20 percent of families of any race, yet still earn a college degree, you have roughly the same chance of being stuck in the poorest bracket as rich high-school dropouts do of staying in the richest bracket (16 and 14 percent, respectively).

Upward mobility is a much harder climb than O'Reilly says it is, he just will not admit it because then he will have to admit he is wrong, and he never does that, he even still thinks his 25,000 man terrorist fighting mercenary army is a good idea, even after everyone has said it is a terrible idea, even most people at Fox.

The Tuesday 10-21-14 O'Reilly Factor Review
By: Steve - October 22, 2014 - 11:00am

The TPM was called: Racist America? The biased and dishonest Bill O'Reilly said this:
O'REILLY: The far-left is once again banging the drum that America is a terrible country, racist in every area. The cable arm of NBC news is peddling that.

Here's what MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman said yesterday in a discussion about Ebola, ISIS, and illegal immigration: 'The brown people coming from the South, the Arab people coming from the East, the black people coming from Africa - nobody's saying that in so many words, but it's the background of this whole discussion and anybody who would deny that doesn't know how this country operates.'

Well, I know how this country operates and we are not a racist nation. In order to drive African-Americans to the polls, the race card is now being played with the election just two weeks away. Thus, that disgraceful exposition.

Fair-minded Americans should be deeply offended that their country is being smeared with the bigotry brush.
Then Monica Crowley and Kirsten Powers were on to discuss it, and of course Powers disagreed with O'Reilly and Crowley agreed with him.

Powers denied this was an election strategy, claiming a lot of liberals think this is true. She, however, is not one of them and pointed to the argument's flawed logic. It suggests, in her estimation, that if the people conducting the beheadings in the Middle East weren't brown, Americans wouldn't be afraid of them, which is just not true.

Crowley said that when you claim racism where it doesn't exist, that is the last refuge of a scoundrel. She said liberals are now crying racism whenever you disagree with them as a way to ensure President Obama can get away with anything.

Then the Liberian Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunt was on, he said the Obama administration will not allow any West African travelers originating in the Ebola-belt countries to enter the USA unless they come through five selected airports.

O'Reilly asked the ambassador what he thought of Thomas Duncan misleading authorities about his health and ultimately spreading Ebola to two American nurses. The ambassador apologized and asserted Liberians never anticipated Ebola would come to the U.S.

The ambassador also urged America to help isolate Ebola, but not to isolate West Africans. O'Reilly insisted we have to protect ourselves, and he pointed out that with a three week incubation period, it makes it hard to spot people with Ebola and we're being forced to rely on people's honesty. The ambassador agreed that tougher measures are needed for people traveling.

Then Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl were on for is it legal. They talked about the Pistorius sentence, Wiehl referred to it as horribly lenient and said the story Pistorius put forth made no sense. Guilfoyle suggested South Africa bring back the jury system because this judge got it so wrong. The whole miscarriage of justice surrounding this case reminded O'Reilly of the O.J. Simpson debacle.

Switching gears, Harvard University is telling students, faculty, and employees they cannot go to West Africa without the school's permission. The Factor asked if this is even legal. Wiehl, a Harvard Law alum, concluded it's a great idea and wished more universities would follow suit when faced with such a grave public health issue. Guilfoyle weighed in and said the move was perfectly legal and warranted.

Then Charles Krauthammer was on to talk about the midterm elections that are just two weeks away, stupid O'Reilly asked why Republicans are not way ahead in the polling when President Obama is doing so poorly?

Comment: Because only far-right loons hate Obama and think he is doing a terrible job, and Republicans are not doing so well because they are corrupt stooges who do not give a damn what the people want, they serve their corporate and wealthy masters.

Krauthammer said this: People don't like Republicans, noting their recent 36% favorable ratings. The best explanation for this, he said, is that people associate the GOP with the "party of no" and want to see something more positive from their leaders. According to Krauthammer, when you're the party out of power, it's almost impossible to get together a national agenda, but if Republicans want to take back power, they must show the country they have a vision.

O'Reilly said if he were head of the Republican Party, he'd take out ads in all the states that matter declaring what the GOP stands for. He doesn't believe politicians realize how distracted the electorate has become.

Comment: Which shows how stupid O'Reilly is, because no amount of ads will show people what you are when they are lies, you have to do something people like, you can not just win the elections with dishonest ads. But of course O'Reilly does not want them to change their policies, he just wants them to run dishonest ads that lie to the people to get them to vote Republican, it's a farse and O'Reilly is a dishonest right-wing hack.

And finally, the lame Factor tip of the day called: Helping poor American children. Billy said this: "As a former teacher, one of the hardest parts of my job was trying to convince poor and minority kids that they were smart and talented and could make it in America. This is a message that needs to be drummed home. The only honest way to succeed is to work hard."

Americans Trust Jon Stewart More Than Limbaugh, Hannity & Beck
By: Steve - October 22, 2014 - 10:00am

Here is another study you will never see O'Reilly report on.

A new Pew Research Journalism Project study found that Americans trust Jon Stewart's fake newscast to deliver the news about government and politics more than they trust Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

The Pew survey analyzed political polarization and media habits. One of their conclusions was that a comedian delivering a fake newscast is more trusted than the top three conservative talk radio stars who influence Republican politics.

The study asked who people trusted most to deliver the news about politics and government. ABC, NBC, and CNN all topped 50% in trust.

The least trusted sources were Rush Limbaugh (39%), Fox News (37%), Glenn Beck (24%), and Sean Hannity (21%). The sources least trusted by the overall population were the ones that conservatives trusted the most. Conservatives most trusted Fox News (88%), Sean Hannity (62%), Rush Limbaugh (58%), and Glenn Beck (51%).

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show was trusted by 16% of total respondents. Stewart's trust level of 16%, which was higher than Sean Hannity's (12%), Rush Limbaugh's (12%), and Glenn Beck's (10%).

This means that Jon Stewart is a more trusted source for news than the three of the four sources that conservatives trust the most.

The disconnect between what the population as a whole deems trustworthy compared to what conservatives trust is more evidence that conservatives are living in an ideological bubble.

When a comedian has more credibility than three of the four most trusted conservative media figures, it is a sign that the conservative movement is reinforcing it's own beliefs with a self fulfilling cycle of ideological talking points.

The American people aren't stupid. The only people being fooled by Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and the other conservatives are the desperate true believers of the conservative movement.

The Monday 10-21-14 O'Reilly Factor Review
By: Steve - October 21, 2014 - 11:00am

The TPM was called: Why Americans Believe Things Are Out of Control. The biased and dishonest Bill O'Reilly said this:
O'REILLY: A new poll of likely voters in states where midterm races are tight clearly demonstrates that most Americans are uneasy. 64% say things in the United States feel like they are out of control. But when asked if the election for the House and Senate were held today, 41% said they would vote for the Democratic candidate, 36% for the Republican, and 23% don't know yet.

If a whopping 64% of Americans think the country is out of control, why would anyone vote for a Democratic candidate? The answer is emotion. The Democrats have been very successful in convincing some voters that the Republican Party favors the rich and is anti-woman. What is certainly true is that the Democratic Party and President Obama have not been successful in making America a stronger country.

We are much weaker than we were six years ago. So if you are voting for the country, you would be less likely to support the Democrats. But if you are voting just for yourself and what you can get from the government, the option the Democrats provide is attractive. Part of the reason the USA is in trouble is that President Obama puts ideology over tough, practical solutions.

Ebola is a good example. Overwhelmingly, Americans want a travel ban on countries where the epidemic is raging. The president dissents, saying a ban would 'make the disease even harder to track.' But Senegal and Nigeria have prohibited West Africans in the neighboring Ebola-plagued districts from entering and that strategy has been effective.

Based on that, a travel ban to America is certainly appropriate, but the president continues to say no. That's one of many examples of ideology trumping practical solutions to vexing problems. We are living in a dangerous, complicated world. We need problem solvers, not ideologues.
Comment: That is all ridiculous, and nothing but right-wing nonsense. People would vote for Democrats because most of them actually represent the people, unlike most Republicans who only represent the wealthy, the corporations, the NRA, and the religious right groups. In fact, you are an idiot if you vote Republican because they do not give a damn what the people want.

We are not weaker since Obama took office, we are much better, O'Reilly just will not admit it because he is a Republican and a big ideologue. Him saying we do not need ideologues is laughable, because he is one, and almost everyone at Fox is too. Virtually every measure of the country is better now, from the stock market, to the economy, to jobs, to unemployment, O'Reilly just ignores it all because it has happened under a Democratic President.

And not only that, go back and look at the economic improvements by President, and you will see that the economy always does better under Democrats, something O'Reilly never reports and will not tell you about.

Then Juan Williams and Mary K. Ham were on to talk about the insane Talking Points Memo. And for once Juan Williams gave O'Reilly a true fact check.

Williams said this: "You are looking at some facts in isolation. You talk about people saying the country is in a chaotic situation, but they've been saying that for more than a decade. Republicans are trying to undermine Obama and trust in government by saying things are out of control because of Obama and the Democrats. There is paranoia and fear without any legitimate grounds."

Ham said this: "I'm willing to listen to an epidemiologist who says a travel ban isn't the best idea. But they don't bother to say that to the American people, they say, 'Shut up, stupid little people, we will not be doing a travel ban, why are you racist?' These clumsy bureaucratic systems are not working."

Then Benjamin Crump was on to talk about new reports that say forensic evidence indicates that Michael Brown may have tried to wrestle the gun from Officer Darren Wilson in their Ferguson confrontation.

Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump said this: "We still haven't gotten anything official from the prosecutor's office. But even if we are to accept this allegation as true, it doesn't explain the other shots and the fact that Michael Brown was running away from the police officer. That's why his family is begging for charges to be brought, so there can be a trial and it can be transparent."

Then O'Reilly had Stacey Dash from Fox news on to try and help him make people believe there is no white privelege in America today. Which is just laughable, and O'Reilly only makes himself look more stupid every time he denies it. And on top of that, her parents were drug addicts, which proves nothing.

Dash said this: "I couldn't understand why they weren't around, or why there were so many fights and why we were moving so much. When you have so much sadness, it's excruciating, and I found that if I got angry it motivated me more. I had to fight a lot, I had to prove that I was not going to be pushed around. But in the past few years I realized that anger was unsustainable and I had to find another way, so I just got closer to God."

Dash also urged black Americans to avoid believing that "white privilege" is holding them down, saying this: "The disenfranchised and the uninformed have to be educated. Your life and your destiny is not dependent on somebody else. It's your responsibility."

Comment: And none of what she said, or what O'Reilly said, disproves their is white privilege. It's a waste of time to even argue about it, and I will no longer report on this nonsense. Everyone with a working brain understands there is white privilege, and that is a fact, just look at one stat, when whites go to a bank to get a home loan a higher percentage of white than blacks get them, that is a fact and 100% proof there is white privilege.

Then Karl Rove was on to talk about a new poll of Republicans showing that Mitt Romney leads the pack of prospective contenders.

Rove said this: "Most Republicans have concluded that Romney will not be a candidate, but if he were a prospective candidate I think his number would be even higher."

Comment: Which shows how stupid Republicans are, Romney was a terrible candidate who made dumb mistake after dumb mistake, and they want him to run again, it's just laughable. I hope he does, because Hillary will beat him worse than Obama did, and then maybe he will go away forever.

O'Reilly scoffed at Rove's prediction that Mitt Romney will not run for the presidency, saying this: "Why would any human being get up at five in the morning to talk with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday if he were not running? He's going to campaign for the nomination, just wait and see."

Then the worthless moron Jesse Watters was on, he was in New York City to ask some people about the Ebola scare. Here are some of their responses: "It's the disease that comes from the dirty water" ... "I had it recently, I was very sick to my stomach" ... "I think people are overreacting" ... "I think it's a conspiracy."

Watters then said this: "They don't know anything. But it's understandable because the CDC is confused about what Ebola is and people are too."

Comment: And that is biased garbage, people do not know about Ebola because it has never been a problem here and never will be, basically nobody cares about it. The only people who care are the morons in the media, nobody else cares and if you do not watch the news you barely even know someone in America had Ebola.

And finally, the lame Factor tip of the day called: Be Careful How You Act In Public. Billy said this: "If you become intoxicated in public, it's very possible that your actions will be captured on video and could haunt you the rest of your life."

Republican Right Embraces Long Tradition Of Pandering To Fear
By: Steve - October 21, 2014 - 10:00am

Now take note of all the points made in this article by Robert Creamer about how the Republican party uses fear tactics. Take special note of how Bill O'Reilly does the very same thing, as if the Republican party spin doctors scripted it for him. O'Reilly does every single thing mentioned in this article, even though he claims to be a non-partisan Independent who never uses any GOP talking points.

Republican Right Embraces Its Long, Hypocritical Tradition of Pandering to Fear

By Robert Creamer

10-14-14 -- They're back. Like the fourth sequel to a bad horror movie, the Republican Right has once again chosen to embrace its long ignoble, hypocritical tradition of pandering to -- and stoking -- fear.

As the election nears, their ads are filled with images of ISIL terrorists, Ebola viruses, Secret Service breaches, and "porous" borders through which knife-wielding Muslim extremists are surely infiltrating every corner of our society. It's not just disgusting. It's also hypocritical. The fact is that the Republicans have an abysmal record when it comes to defending the security of ordinary Americans.

Last week, the New York Times reported that:
Darkness is enveloping Americans politics. With four weeks to go before the midterm elections, Republicans have made questions of how safe we are -- from disease, terrorism or something unspoken and perhaps more ominous -- central in their attacks against Democrats. Their message is decidedly grim: President Obama and the Democratic Party run a government that is so fundamentally broken it cannot offer its people the most basic protection from harm.
But this is nothing new. Right-wing demagogues have perfected their techniques for appealing to our darkest fears for decades. It's embedded in their DNA. Who can forget Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950's who fomented the "red scare" and claimed to "have in his hand a list of Communists" who had infiltrated the government -- of General Dwight Eisenhower.

McCarthy and his followers cowed many in politics, government, and entertainment with charges that they were "un-American" for years before his tactics so sickened the country that the term "McCarthyism" is now used to denote " the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence".

Then there was Sarah Palin, who fabricated the fictitious "death panels" of the Affordable Care Act.

Even the genial George H.W. Bush won election by stooping to the racist demagoguery of the infamous "Willie Horton" commercial.

Last summer, you would have thought that there was an enemy army at our southern border -- not 10-year-old refugees from violence in Central America. And earlier this month, Congressman Duncan Hunter "revealed" that his secret sources had tipped him off that ten ISIL terrorists had been apprehended at the border trying to infiltrate the United States.

Turns out that, according to the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol, Hunter's charge was sheer fabrication based on no evidence whatsoever.

But the thing that really makes this kind of fear mongering so outrageous is the fact that Republicans themselves have such a horrific record keeping Americans safe and secure.

Let us recall that the worst attack on our homeland in American history -- 9/11 -- occurred after the Bush administration had ignored warnings that Osama Bin Laden was planning an attack. That attack did not happen under Bill Clinton or Barack Obama -- it happened under Mr. "War on Terror" George W. Bush.

And let's also recall that for all his bravado following the attack, the Bush administration failed to apprehend Osama Ben Laden. Barack Obama did.

Of course it was the Bush administration that kicked over the sectarian hornet's nest in Iraq in the first place, with a completely unnecessary war that was bungled so badly that it created a Sunni power vacuum and created the conditions for the development of ISIL.

And the Iraq War was, itself, the product of precisely the same kind of Republican fear mongering we see today. It was, after all, Saddam Hussein's non-existent nuclear program that the war was ostensibly launched to destroy. Remember Condoleezza Rice's famous line: "But we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud"?

Republican advertisements try to sow insecurity with their disturbing images of Ebola viruses and the fear of an American epidemic. But they don't mention that it was the GOP that has slashed funding for the Centers for Disease Control -- the first line of defense against Ebola and other viral threats to the United States.

And in real dollars, Republican budget cutting has also slashed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by 23 percent over the last decade. In fact the NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins says that if the agency had not gone through a 10-year slide in research support a vaccine for Ebola would be ready today.

The GOP has made much of recent Secret Service security breaches at the White House -- without ever noting that their sequester has starved the Secret Service of needed personnel.

The most disgusting GOP ads this cycle are probably the ones that whip up fear of immigrants flooding into America and bringing with them diseases and embedded ISIL terrorists. These amazing ads take all of the ingredients of Republican fear mongering and conflate them into an inflammatory cocktail of fictitious boogeymen.

They are all aimed at playing upon the legitimate economic anxiety of ordinary Americans and convincing them that Barack Obama and his Democratic allies are endangering their safety and security.

And, of course, they completely ignore that by every measure the borders of the United States are massively more secure today than they were during the Bush administration.

If you broaden the lens to focus on that underlying economic insecurity, the Republican record gets even worse. It was Republican George W. Bush whose economic policies led to the most catastrophic meltdown of the economy in half a century.

When Barack Obama became president the economy was bleeding 800,000 jobs a month. Obama's stimulus policies, on the other hand, have led to the longest sustained period of private sector jobs growth (55 months) in modern history.

Most middle class Americans -- and those aspiring to be middle class -- wouldn't have a clue from their personal lives that America is in fact wealthier per person today than at any other time in history. That's because those Republican economic and tax policies allowed the top 1 percent of CEOs and Wall Street bankers to siphon off virtually all of the economic growth America has experienced over the last 30 years and left the middle class with stagnating incomes.

The GOP has consistently opposed changing the Bush era tax policies that greatly contributed to the ever-greater concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. And they have fought tooth and nail to stop popular Democratic proposals that would improve the economic security of the middle class and prevent the continued concentration of wealth -- like raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, continued unemployment benefits, asking the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, and lightening the burden of student loans.

Then there's retirement security. The Republicans failed plan to privatize Social Security would have eliminated the Social Security guarantee and forced middle class families to rely on the ups and downs of the stock market for their retirement prospects. If your idea of retirement security is a Las Vegas roulette wheel, the GOP is the party for you.

And now they have tried the same thing with Medicare -- with a wildly unpopular plan to replace the Medicare guarantee with vouchers for private insurance that would raise out of pocket costs for seniors by several thousand dollars a year. And the Republicans say they are concerned with our "security"?

Let's not forget Republican fear mongering about the budget deficit. Throughout the Obama presidency, GOP-Tea Party politicians have inveighed against an "exploding deficit" that would surely turn America into an economic basket case. America will go the way of Greece, they claimed.

All of this deficit handwringing has been intended to promote austerity policies intended to allow them to shrink government down so it can be "drowned in a bathtub." Never mind that those austerity policies have been a disaster in Europe where they have actually been tried.

But once again the GOP has not stopped at fear-mongering. Its deficit hypocrisy has been nothing short of breathtaking. The truth of the matter is that it was the Bush-Cheney regime that left the nation with ballooning deficits as a result of their tax cuts for the rich and spending on the Iraq War.

During the Bush years, Cheney was quoted as saying "deficits don't matter." So it shouldn't surprise anyone that as they left office the federal deficit hit a whopping 9.8 percent of Gross Domestic Product.

And, the Obama stimulus policies that Republicans claimed would explode the deficit have actually shrunk the deficit by over half. It is now anticipated to be only 2.8 percent of GDP in 2014 -- lower than its average for the last 40 years of 3.1 percent.

It's no surprise given this record that the GOP has resorted to fear mongering and demagoguery so often in its history. When you really just represent the interests of the top one or two percent of the population -- of the Corporate CEO's and Wall Street Bankers -- it's hard to convince ordinary Americans that they should entrust you with the leadership of their country unless you can distract them with fear.

The GOP offers fear because it cannot offer hope.

Republicans have a horrible record of securing the nation against physical danger and against economic disaster, so to compensate they bluster on and on about the "security and safety" of the American people.

They're like the sanctimonious televangelist who rails on and on against fornication and ends up getting caught in bed with an underage hooker.

And in the end, history will deal with the demagoguery of Right Wing Republicans like Ted Cruz the same way it dealt with demagoguery of Joe McCarthy. If he's "lucky" maybe future generations will even label all acts of demagogic, hypocritical fear mongering as "Cruzism."

It's Official: The Far-Right Laura Ingraham Has Lost Her Mind
By: Steve - October 20, 2014 - 10:00am

On October 17th, Laura Ingraham said this on her radio show: "The Left Believes Americans Should Die From Ebola To Repay Our Debt To Africa"

Which is just pure insanity, I am on the left and I sure as hell do not think that, and I do not know any other liberals who think that. It's ridiculous, we do not want anyone to die from Ebola (or anything else) to repay any kind of debt to Africa.

It's madness to say such a thing, and it is something you would expect a lunatic in an insane asylum to say. And it's not just insanity, it's stupid, because if Ebola does get out of control in America, it would also kill liberals, so to make the claim she did is not only crazy, it's the kind of talk you would hear from an idiot.

Nobody on the left wants that, ever. We do not want anyone to die for anything. And think about this, O'Reilly uses this lunatic as his fill-in host when he takes time off. So what does that say about O'Reilly, it says he is also a far-right nut who supports what she says, otherwise he would fire her as his fill-in host and denounce what she said. Instead, he ignores it and continues to let her host his show.

Gas Prices Fall Below $3.00 A Gallon: O'Reilly & Fox Silent
By: Steve - October 19, 2014 - 10:00am

Think back to about a year ago, gas prices were about $4.00 a gallon and the partisan hacks at Fox went wild over it. O'Reilly slammed Obama almost every night for the high gas prices, blaming him and his economic policies for the prices. Almost every host at Fox used the high gas prices to slam Obama and blame him for it.

Now we are at a point to where gas prices are below $3.00 a gallon, here in East Peoria many stations are down to $2.99 or less. And all over the country many states are seeing gas below $3.00 a gallon.

So what do we hear from O'Reilly and the partisan hacks at Fox, nothing, silence. Suddenly it is not Obama's fault for gas prices, O'Reilly never says a word about gas prices these days, he never mentions it at all.

Just as he does not say a word about Obamacare anymore, he does not say a word about low gas prices, because he can not use it as a political hammer to slam Obama anymore, so he just ignores it. He also does not report any economic news, or jobs reports, or the unemployment rate, or any economic news at all.

Because it's all good news now and he can not use it for cheap shots against the President. You would think the #1 rated show on cable news would report on the stock market, the jobs numbers, and the unemployment numbers, and you would be wrong. I watch the Factor every night and O'Reilly never reports any of it, because it would make Obama look good.

The DOW has set record high after record high over the last 6 to 9 months, and O'Reilly has not reported any of them, none, zero. But every time the DOW set a record high under Bush O'Reilly reported it every single time. And not only did O'Reilly report them under Bush, he gave Bush credit for it and even said it was a measure of how good a job Bush was doing as President.

Which O'Reilly now does not do under Obama, he ignores it, does not give Obama credit for it, and does not say it shows that Obama is doing a good job. This is called bias, flat out right-wing political bias, and yet O'Reilly claims to be fair and balanced and even says he has been fair to Obama, which is just laughable.

For the last 9 months or so the DOW has broke 16,000, then 17,000, and set record highs multiple times, and not once did O'Reilly ever report it. But as soon as the DOW has a few days where it dropped, guess what, O'Reilly reported that. Last week he had the biased hack Lou Dobbs on to discuss the short term drop in the market, while ignoring the 9 months of increases.

Folks, these are facts, I have documented it in my blog. It is 100% proof O'Reilly is a biased stooge who only reports bad news that makes Obama look bad, while ignoring all the good news that makes Obama look good. And on top of that while all this is happening O'Reilly lies to you that the whole country is in chaos and the economy is not doing better.

That is all lies from O'Reilly, because virtually every single economic measure shows we are doing much better since Obama took office in January of 2009. O'Reilly thinks that if he says it enough someone will believe him, even though the facts say the exact opposite. And somehow in his crazy mind he actually thinks he is an honest journalist who tells the truth, which in the real world is a ridiculous statement.

Why You Should Not Vote Republican In The November Elections
By: Steve - October 18, 2014 - 11:00am

One year ago today, Republicans made their strongest possible case outlining their governing principles.

Threatened by the prospect of millions of Americans securing access to quality, affordable health care, Republicans chose instead to shut down the federal government. And then waste taxpayer money (and time) voting 56 times to repeal Obamacare, even though if it did pass the Senate Obama would veto it, because it was his own bill, and it will never pass the Senate while Democrats are in the majority.

The consequences of their actions were felt across the nation. America's national parks shuttered. Children were turned away from Head Start classrooms. The National Institutes of Health was forced to reject new patients from potentially lifesaving clinical trials. More than 800,000 federal workers were furloughed.

When the reckless gamesmanship finally ended after sixteen days, the long-term consequences were apparent. The GOP shutdown cost the U.S. economy $24 billion and cut 0.3 percent of growth off the GDP. A major credit rating agency even threatened to lower the United States credit rating because of the risk that we would default on our nation's debts.

At the time, some in the Republican party claimed to have realized the error of their ways and pledged not to do it again. But with the midterm elections less than five weeks away, it is clear that Republicans have not learned their lesson.

Over the summer, Mitch McConnell admitted the GOP's plans should they win control of the Senate -- hold the American economy hostage by repeatedly threatening to shut down the government unless President Obama did exactly what they wanted.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Steve King also suggested that Republicans should threaten another government shutdown if President Obama acted to fix the nation's broken immigration system -- action that is supported by the majority of Americans.

It is a callous interpretation of the relationship between Congress and the president, but sadly to be expected of a Republican Party whose GOP-controlled House chose to sue the president for doing his job when they failed to do theirs.

Rather than take action that will help middle-class families or expand opportunity for all Americans, many Republicans are more interested in scoring cheap partisan political points. They are following the lead of the far-right Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz, architect of the shutdown strategy, and Rand Paul, who viewed the closing of crucial government services as a public relations fight Republicans could win.

Even Republican candidates for Senate like Bill Cassidy, Joni Ernst, David Perdue and Tom Cotton supported the shutdown and the last thing we need is more of that in Washington.

This is the choice voters will have next month when they head to the polls -- Republicans who are willing to jeopardize our economic well-being and put partisan politics ahead of the will of the people when they don't get their way, or Democrats who will work to fix our nation's problems.

Voters can see that the Democratic Party shares their priorities. They are fighting to increase the minimum wage, because no one who works full time should have to raise their family in poverty. Democrats also support paycheck fairness, because pay equity is not just a woman's issue, but a family issue and an economic issue. Republicans oppose it and vote it down every time the Democrats bring it up for a vote.

These are actions that would immediately help families make ends meet, and a far more productive use of Congress time than another destructive government shutdown, or voting to repeal Obamacare when it will never pass.

There are serious issues facing our nation that we will need to address in the years ahead. They understand that both parties have to work together. But that can't happen if Republicans decide to take their ball and go home every time things don't go the way they want.

You can agree or disagree how the country should deal with climate change, or immigration reform, or investing in our children's' future. But whether Congress fulfills its most basic functions, or whether our country meets our obligations, should never be up for debate.

Voters will head to the polls in less than five weeks. While Republicans threaten another shutdown, the best way to ensure a government that shares their priorities is to elect Democratic candidates who are willing to stick it out and fight on their behalf.

Jobless Applications Fall To 14 Year Low: O'Reilly Silent
By: Steve - October 18, 2014 - 10:00am

Jobless claims hit a 14 year low, and as usual O'Reilly never said a word about it, because it is more good economic news that makes Obama look good. O'Reilly never reports any good economic news, because he is a biased right-wing hack that does not want to give Obama any credit for it, even though under Bush he did give him credit for the good economic news.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment aid dropped to the lowest level in 14 years last week, the latest sign of a strengthening labor market that could help blunt worries about the impact of weak global growth.

The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications for unemployment aid fell 23,000 to a seasonally adjusted 264,000, the lowest level since April 2000. Given that the U.S. population has grown considerably since then, the proportion of the U.S. workforce applying for benefits is even smaller.

Analysts cheered the unexpectedly strong data. Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, described the report as "spectacular" and "astonishing."

"Whether claims can be sustained at such a low level - an all-time low, as a share of payroll employment - is debatable....but this is a clear signal of real strength in the labor market," he said in a note to clients.

Fox Media Critic Praises Shepard Smith, Slams O'Reilly For Ebola Reporting
By: Steve - October 17, 2014 - 11:50am

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz echoed his colleague Shepard Smith's admonishment of the media for irresponsible Ebola coverage, highlighting his own network's reporting.

Kurtz called out media figures like Fox host Bill O'Reilly, who has demanded the resignation of CDC director Tom Frieden, for reducing their response to Ebola "to a question of which heads should roll."

He contrasted coverage like O'Reilly's to that of Fox's Shepard Smith, who made headlines this week for blasting the media's "irresponsible" and "hysterical" Ebola coverage.

Smith "challenged his own profession to stop scaring people," Kurtz explained, asking, "Will the media listen?"

The Thursday 10-16-14 O'Reilly Factor Review
By: Steve - October 17, 2014 - 11:30am

The TPM was called: The Ebola Factor. The biased and dishonest Bill O'Reilly said this:
O'REILLY: As the Ebola chaos grows, no one knows how much the situation will influence politics in the USA. But there is no question it will have an impact. Some experts believe Ebola is suppressing the stock market and that will affect every American, as fear hurts the economy.

A Fox News poll asked registered voters about the direction of the country. 36% described themselves as 'hopeful,' while 61% are 'not hopeful.' And 49% respondents say the country is 'worse off' since Barack Obama became president, while 39% say 'better off.'

So the folks are blaming the president for much of the dissatisfaction. And President Obama is at fault. His leadership on many serious issues has been lacking. He made a tremendous mistake in the war on terror by pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq. The administration has also underestimated the Muslim jihadists and has no effective strategy for containing their terror.

The president has been outfoxed by Putin, Iran and China. Here at home, the most important indicator of economic well-being, take-home pay, has fallen under the president. Democrats can spin all they want, but the cold truth is working Americans have less money in their pockets than in the past. A combination of high taxes and mediocre wages has hammered the folks. It is difficult to see any great improvements under President Obama and it will take years to figure out the benefits, if any, of Obamacare.

Now, on to Ebola. There is no question that the federal government is mishandling the situation, and again that will go right back to the White House. The point man on Ebola, CDC chief Dr. Thomas Frieden, is botching the situation big time. We've already pounded Dr. Frieden on his inexplicable opposition to suspending visa and passports from West Africa. And yesterday the man could not even explain how Ebola should be handled in public transportation.

Talking Points will help him: If you are sitting on a bus and someone next to you has Ebola and sneezes on you, you can get it. Are you understanding that Dr. Frieden? So the federal government has to keep Ebola victims out of the public arena. That means no people from the epidemic area should be admitted to the USA, something Frieden opposes but is absolutely the correct thing to do.

Not only flights, no admittance to any person holding passports from the Ebola epidemic areas. I have nothing personally against Dr. Frieden, but his performance has been awful and he has to go. The fact that the Obama administration continues to put this man in the spotlight will hurt the president of the United States.
Comment: Wow! That is mostly right-wing insanity. There is no Ebola chaos, the stock market is not down from Ebola, people always think the country is headed in the wrong direction, even under Bush, President Obama is not at fault for most of it, he had to pull the troops out of Iraq because of the SOFA agreement Bush signed, Google it, taxes have not went up, they went down, and things have greatly improved under Obama, and there is no proof if someone on a bus sneezes on you with Ebola you will get it, not to mention the odds of someone being on a bus with Ebola are almost zero.

Then James Carville and Andrea Tantaros were on to discuss the Talking Points Memo.

Tantaros said this: "You say Frieden should step down, and I understand your anger with him. But he is a doctor, he is not a crisis communications expert or a general. I don't think now is the time to switch horses. Move him out of the spotlight, but he does have valuable information. But I agree with you on the travel ban."

Carville agreed with Tantaros contention that Frieden should not be fired right now, saying this: "He's well qualified, but he's not an expert in Ebola and he's not the most effective communicator. If people are worried about getting Ebola, they should worry about something else. The chances of a significant outbreak in this country is very remote."

Then Ed Henry was on, he reported on the president's stance toward CDC boss Dr. Tom Frieden. With no Democratic guest on for balance.

Henry said this: "The administration has been saying they have full confidence in Dr. Frieden, but in recent days they have gotten the signal, especially as we get closer to the mid-term elections. There is more pressure on the president to figure out who is really in charge, and the president has canceled all of his fundraising and campaign activity. They get it that this is a huge problem and his leadership is on the line."

O'Reilly again called for a ban on travel from affected nations, saying this: "I have a spy in the White House who tells me that President Obama was furious yesterday in the Ebola meeting. The lack of a travel ban is absolutely the president's fault, you do what you can do to protect the public."

Then Bernie Goldberg was on to assess a new poll showing that most Americans feel coverage of the Ebola outbreak has been appropriate. With no Democratic guest for balance.

Goldberg said this: "The poll, like so many other things in our culture these days, has been infected with politics. If you're a fan of Barack Obama, I'm guessing that you are one of the people who say the coverage is 'sensationalized.' If you're not a fan of Barack Obama, you'll find the coverage 'appropriate.' Under this administration the CDC has been politicized - it is one of many American institutions that have been infected with politics under President Obama's administration. In a democracy like ours, certain institutions should be above politics."

Then the far-right stooge Laura Ingraham was on to talk about the war against ISIS. With no Democratic guest on for balance.

Ingraham said this: "General Dempsey says we've been making gains and he maintains that we don't need boots on the ground. However, we have a big problem right now in the town of Amiriyah Fallujah, which is 25 miles outside of Baghdad. It's reported that ISIS has besieged the town, and in Iraq the territory controlled by ISIS has not been diminished by American air strikes. So while there have been some gains in Syria, Iraq itself is very problematic."

Ingraham also said this: "We need truth-tellers in Washington, we have enough political hacks. We need to hear people and think they are really working for the betterment of America and our security."

And finally, the lame Factor tip of the day called: Disagreeing Agreeably. Billy said this: "If you disagree with someone, hold your ground without getting angry, and always try to use a little humor to defuse any tension."

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Proof The O'Reilly Factor is Biased Against Barack Obama
O'Reilly said he is a non-partisan Independent, who is fair to both sides, and that he has been fair to Barack Obama. To check that claim I did a 3 month study of the Factor, it started on August 1st, 2008, and ran until October 31st, 2008. I watched the Factor every night and counted the negative and positive comments for Obama and McCain.

Visit the web page I set up, and you will see the stunning bias from O'Reilly and his mostly Republican guests against Barack Obama. Then you will see there is no doubt Bill O'Reilly is a dishonest and biased Conservative. This study is conclusive proof that O'Reilly is in the tank for John McCain.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The 3 Month Factor Bias Study:

Proof O'Reilly Lied About The Balance on His Show
O'Reilly claims the factor is balanced, and that he personally makes sure every week he has an equal number of Republican and Democrat guests. This is a bold faced lie, and I can prove it. I put together a web page that shows the guest list from the factor for the last 2 weeks. Read it and you will see with your own eyes that Bill O'Reilly is lying when he says the factor is balanced.

And remember that we are 3 weeks before a major Presidential election, or the Republican bias numbers would be worse than it is normally. O'Reilly is actually having more Democrats on than he usually does, and the balance is still not even close. If we were not so close to an election it would be a lot worse.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The Lies About The Factor Balance:

O'Reilly Sucks Investigation: Dishonesty, Deception, And Bias By Bill O'Reilly
O'Reilly claims there are no Republicans or Conservative groups that rival George Soros. O'Reilly said the top three conservative tax-exempt foundations are totally dwarfed by Soros and the radical Ford Foundation. And that they have 15 times more the assets. George Soros net worth is $8.5 billion, the Ford Foundation has a net worth of $13 billion. But the seven billionaires who donate to Newt Gingrich and other right-wing causes have a combined net worth of $34.8 billion dollars.

Somehow O'Reilly claims that Soros and the Ford Foundation have 15 times more the assets than anyone on the right. When the seven billionaires alone who give money to Newt, have roughly $14 billion more than Soros and the Ford Foundation combined.

Visit the web page below to see the massive money O'Reilly has ignored from the right:

(( Right-Wing Hate Speech Ignored by Bill O'Reilly ))
O'Reilly claims there is no hate on the right, that it's all on the left. But the way he defines hate is ridiculous, if a liberal blog or website writes an article that criticizes George W. Bush (or any Republican) O'Reilly calls it hate. When it's not hate, it's reporting the facts, there is no hate. A great example is when websites like,, etc. criticize O'Reilly he calls it hate, and says they are hate groups who lie about him.

That is a lie, it is not hate, and they are not hate websites. There is real hate on the internet, but O'Reilly does not report it, because most of it is from the right. I have documented this hate in my blog and on a web page, all of it was ignored by Bill O'Reilly, and it was never reported on the Factor.

Visit the web page below to see the massive right-wing hate O'Reilly has ignored: Privacy Policy

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