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The O'Reilly Sucks Blog

Stephen Colbert Calls Out Bill O'Reilly For Spending Hypocrisy
By: Steve - February 10, 2016 - 10:00am

Colbert called out O'Reilly for Supporting Spending on War But Not Anti-Poverty Programs

Colbert said this: The Humanities, Education And The Social Safety Net Are "Vital Aspects Of Our Culture"

He basically called out O'Reilly for supporting unlimited spending on wars, while opposing the social programs that help the poor. And of course O'Reilly had no answer for him, he just defended his hypocritical position.

O'Reilly claims we are broke, so we can not afford to spend so much money on social programs, but then he supports spending whatever the Republicans want on wars and the military. So if a war comes up then O'Reilly says spend whatever you want, but when poor people need help, suddenly we are broke and we can not afford it, which is total hypocrisy from O'Reilly.

Not to mention this, we are not broke, and if we need to we can pay for what we need. The problem is not the social programs, it's all the tax loopholes for the wealthy and the corporations, and the Republicans who over the last 30 years have shifted the tax burden away from the rich to the middle class and the poor.

And btw, Reagan was a terrible President, the only people who think he did a good job are Republicans. Reagan's Administration Had More Documented Corruption Than Any President in U.S. History.

At least 138 Reagan administration officials, including several cabinet members, were investigated for, indicted for, or convicted of crimes. This is the largest number of any U.S. President. Many of them were pardoned by Reagan or President Bush before they could even stand trial.

Reagan Set Records for Budget Deficits. After criticizing President Carter for having a $50 billion deficit, Reagan's own deficits exceeded $200 billion. He tripled the national debt in only eight years.

Reagan's Economic Policies Put Millions of Americans out of Work. When he took office in 1981, unemployment was at 7.5% and dropping. Millions of people continued to lose their jobs for the next two years until unemployment exceeded 10%. It stayed above 10% for nearly a year, peaking at 10.8%.

The financial deregulation and changes to the tax code that President Reagan enacted ultimately caused nearly 750 different financial institutions to fail. All of this cost taxpayers about $150 billion.

After Reagan cut taxes for the rich, the tax revenue to fund the government was so small that the budget deficit grew to four times what it had been under Jimmy Carter. So Reagan borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from the Social Security trust fund to pay the country's bills. And that money has never been paid back.

When Reagan came into office in January of 1981, the top tax rate was 70%, but when he left office in 1989 the top tax rate was down to only 28%. As Reagan gave the breaks to all his rich friends, there was a lack of revenue coming into the federal government.

In order to bring money back into the government, Reagan was forced to raise taxes eleven times throughout his time in office. Reagan raised taxes seven of the eight years he was in office and the tax increases were felt hardest by the lower and middle class.

As Reagan cut taxes for the wealthy, the government was left with less money to spend. When Reagan came into office the national debt was $900 billion, by the time he left the national debt had tripled to $2.8 trillion.

He also busted the unions so nobody could go on strike without being fired. On August 3rd, 1981, PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) went on strike in an effort to get better pay and safer working conditions. Two days later, taking the side of big business, Ronald Reagan fired 11,345 workers for not returning to work.

This led to corporations following his lead and saying they would fire anyone who went on strike, even though it was illegal. I was working at International Paper Company at the time, local 68, and we went on strike, the company sent out letters to every employee saying if you do not return to work by a specific date you will be permanently laid off, which is the same as being fired, but they claimed that was not being fired, to get around the laws, but if you are permanently laid off, you have been fired.

Partial Transcript:

BILL O'REILLY: Ronald Reagan was a very very good politician. He was an excellent politician. He did what he had to do. But ultimately, he did two things that benefited the country. Turned the economy around. In the Carter years, it was desperate. You remember the gas lines? You had to wait on line to get gasoline in America, it was horrible.

STEPHEN COLBERT (HOST): Reagan ran up huge deficits though.

O'REILLY: He did but it was in the pursuit of bringing down the Soviet Union which was accomplished. So you bring down your major enemy and you have to do it by spending money --

COLBERT: Huge deficits that can be justified by military expenditure but you're saying huge deficits cannot be justified by the humanities, by educating people, by the social safety net? What's the difference to those things? They're both vital aspects of our culture. What is the difference between those two? Why is one justified and not the other?

O'REILLY: All right, this is a classic liberal position.

COLBERT: It's just a question. It's not a position. It's a question, Bill.

O'REILLY: You have to spend money to defend yourself from an enemy who is bent on either conquering you or killing you. That's why we're in this war on terror now. On the arts and educational, we have to get away from this fantasy that the government can solve all the problems by kicking money in, and we can't be promising everybody everything as these pinhead politicians do constantly. Reagan didn't do that by the way.

Facts That Prove O'Reilly & The GOP Wrong On The Economy
By: Steve - February 10, 2016 - 9:00am

Some of the biggest news last Friday was the monthly jobs report that showed we gained 151,000 jobs January and saw unemployment dip to 4.9 percent. While the economy is still far from perfect, and income inequality is still a pressing issue, we have come a very long way from the disaster that eight years of George W. Bush left us with in 2008.

To begin with, we now pay $1.49 a gallon for gas, wow! Here in central Illinois gas is $1.49 a gallon, which is just great, compared to the $3.50 a gallon we were paying a few years ago. That alone saves me a lot of money every month, and it's like getting a raise from your job because you are paying less for gas.

But to hear Bill O'Reilly and the Republicans talk about the economy, you would think things were worse off now than when we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every single month under Bush in 2008. It is comical to see O'Reilly and his Republican friends say, with a straight face, that we are worse off now than when Barack Obama was elected.

You have to be delusional to the point of insanity to actually believe that. But the truth is, when Republicans say that, most of them don't really believe it. They just know those who support them are ignorant enough to believe it, and they hope enough people believe the lie to hurt Obama and the Democrats politically.

In his final year in office, President Obama seems to be a bit more outspoken than he has during his first 7 years. Though that's not exactly surprising. After all, at this point, what does he care if he makes some far right conservatives mad a few more times? He has less than a year until he can really say what he wants. While I will miss him being our president, I am looking forward to the day when he's out of office and is allowed to say and do more of what he wants without the constraints of being president.

Comments that may sound similar to what he said Friday when he basically mocked the continued Republican fear-mongering about the economy.

Obama said this: "Those who are running down the economy and adding to the anxiety don't seem to have any plausible, coherent recipe other than cut taxes for those who have been doing the very best in this economy and somehow magically, that's gonna make other folks feel good, or, alternatively they argue the reason you're feeling insecure is because immigrants, or poor people are taking more and more of your paycheck and that is just not true. The facts don't bear that out."

And he is absolutely right. Instead of blaming greed, the real root of our income inequality, Republicans want Americans to blame the poor, immigrants, or Democratic policies. Then their solution to combat income inequality is more of the same exact policies that caused it in the first place.

It would be laughable if it was not hurting millions and millions of Americans.

Imagine for a moment if a Republican president took office in the midst of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, then proceeded to set an all-time record for consecutive months of private sector job growth (as Obama has) currently at 71 straight months.

O'Reilly, Fox News, and the GOP would be hoisting them up along side Saint Ronald Reagan as one of the best presidents of all-time. Hell, Obama has exceeded many of the promises Mitt Romney said he would accomplish if he were elected in 2012 -- yet O'Reilly and the Republicans still push their ridiculous economic fear-mongering nonsense.

But because it's a half-black Democrat who has presided over this recovery, they call him one of the "worst presidents in history."

Funny how that works, isn't it?

When history looks back on President Obama's eight years in office, we will look at him as one of our nation's best presidents. I predict he will be ranked as one of our top 20 best Presidents, if not higher.

And one of the worst things about it is Bill O'Reilly, he claims to be a non-partisan Independent with a no spin zone, he also says he has no ideology and he is not a Republican who ever uses Republican talking points.

Then he shows that he is partisan, he is not an Independent, he has a right-wing ideology, and he does use Republican talking points. He has 97% right-wing guests, even though he claims his guest list is balanced, and he agrees with all the lies, spin, propaganda, and talking points the GOP puts out.

O'Reilly could be getting paid by the GOP, that is how biased he is, he supports all the Republicans running for President, especially his good friend of 30 years Donald Trump, and he is as right-wing as Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, or any of them.

In fact, when I see something in the news, that broke during the day, or late at night, I can predict with 100% accuracy what side of the issue O'Reilly will be on when he reports it that night on his show. He will always be on the far-right side of the issue, he never takes the far-left side on anything, ever, not once.

And what is worse, is he will usually have 6 to 7 Republicans on to discuss it, and sometimes 1 Democrat, but not always, sometimes he has 6 to 7 Republicans and 0 Democrats, so that it looks like he is right on the issue and all the guest agree with him, which also makes it look like he is right.

This is as biased as it gets, there is no Independence, no fairness, and clearly not a no spin zone. It's almost always 99% right-wing bias and all right-wing spin.

Glenn Beck's Media Empire Is Going Broke
By: Steve - February 9, 2016 - 10:00am

And of course you never hear any of this reported by O'Reilly, or anyone at Fox News. Even though Beck is a regular guest on the Factor, O'Reilly never once reports that the Beck empire is going broke and falling apart. While saying he is just great and all the Republicans love and support him.

For 7 years, Joseph Kerry has worked at Mercury Radio Arts, which is the official title for Glenn Beck's production company. Kerry served as Beck's right-hand-man, working as his Chief-of-Staff.

Kerry was responsible for maintaining and strengthening relationships with shareholders, talent, political, corporate and religious leaders and helped launch and then raise millions of dollars in capital for The Blaze.

Kerry was also responsible for leading vendor negotiations, regarding media related services. He even interfaced with CNN Headline News & Fox News teams in collaboration of The Glenn Beck TV show.

Now, Joseph Kerry is no longer associated with TheBlaze, and is instead a partner with Littlecloud Ventures, which is a marketing consulting firm.

Earlier, Chris Balfe, who was Beck’s CEO, and Joel Cheatwood, who was president and chief content officer, also left TheBlaze. Both were responsible for assisting Beck with launching TheBlaze TV.

According to CNN, the two men are now building a digital media company, in which they will serve are partners.

Colleagues and underlings interviewed by The Daily Beast--on condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution--describe Beck’s irresistible personal magnetism and undeniable brilliance that one called “mad genius,” mixed with a colossal streak of narcissism, neediness and, above all, capriciousness that have left them feeling whipsawed and, in many cases, betrayed.

Beck, who turns 52 next week, was not available for an interview.

Attracted by the idealism of The Blaze, Beck's six-year-old multimedia venture--whose heartwarming motto is "We tell the stories of love and courage where the good guys win"--they instead tell stories of a sad and baffling descent from a friendly, positive workplace culture into an abyss of backbiting and paranoia as a company of nearly 300 people dropped to around half that size.

A current Blaze employee said recently: "It's so toxic and fractured that everybody has eyes in the back of their head. You don't know who's about to stab you in the back. So the best thing to do is show up, get your work done, and get out."

The demise of The Blaze--a once-promising and allegedly profitable venture--has increasingly been predicted by media observers.

It was even foretold by Beck himself, at a moment last year when the privately held company claimed to be making money.

"We've got to course-change, and if we don't, we’re either going to go out of business or we're going to be a crappy, soul-sucking business," a frantic Beck, looking pudgy and exhausted in distressed jeans and a pumpkin-colored cardigan, warned Blaze employees during an in-house session last February at the company's New York studios--a video of which was obtained by The Daily Beast.

"You've seen this company start to slide into that crappy zone. No! I'll shut the damn thing down before we become everything we despise."

The majority owner harangued his minions: "We are three million dollars in the hole! That means we are three million dollars from profit. That means I have to take three million dollars out of my wallet, and I have done this now for several years. I don't have money left. I'm out... I need three million dollars in savings by the end of the year. If we wait, it's gonna be massive, bloody cuts."

Massive, bloody cuts soon followed, as the debt ballooned to at least $5 million and as much as $10 million, according to current and former Blaze employees.

On May 11, 2015--a day Beck staffers have dubbed "Black Monday"--dozens were laid off in New York and the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas. There, Beck had purchased a 72,000-square-foot studio complex and corporate headquarters in the Las Colinas neighborhood, and built his fake Oval Office.

Beck, meanwhile, showed up in Las Colinas driving his brand new Maybach, proudly showing off the nearly-$200,000 sleek black sedan that he'd just purchased to add to his fleet of luxury vehicles, including an armored, bulletproof Mercedes limo and a similarly outfitted Chevy Suburban.

So his company is going broke, laying people off, and losing millions every year, and he is still buying $200,000 cars, yeah that's smart. And his friend Bill O'Reilly never says a word about any of it, while acting as if Beck is making a fortune and his company is doing great, when he is going broke and running the company into the ground. I would bet that the people finally woke up and saw that he is nothing but a con-man who is scamming them.

Last summer, say former Beck staffers, American Express suddenly declined charges on corporate credit cards for the booking of airline tickets and hotel rooms for guests on Blaze programs.

Several employees--like Beck confidant Kraig Kitchin, the co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks who was The Blaze's interim CEO until he resigned last week--were forced to charge business expenses on their personal credit cards.

One former employee told The Daily Beast that he's still waiting for a $200 reimbursement for an expense that he claimed six months ago.

"I know much of what has happened since December of 2014, but also much of it has been structural and behind the curtain," Beck wrote in an email last week on the occasion of Kitchin's resignation as chief executive of The Blaze.

"We were a company that was swimming in debt. With the hard work of Kraig, Jonathan Schreiber, and now Misty Kawecki, the chief financial officer we will be debt free by summer. This is miraculous and takes all of the downward pressure off of us."

Yet some of the signs for the business are hardly reassuring. In November 2014, for instance, was attracting 29 million unique visitors per month, according to figures from the Web traffic measure service Quantcast. But by November 2015, monthly traffic for the had dropped to 16.4 million unique visitors, and traffic for the associated website had plunged from 4.4 million to 1.4 million uniques.

Many of the pinked-slipped staffers, drawn by Beck's charisma and ambitious plans for original television, feature films, and even a theme park--following the business model of Beck's other hero, Walt Disney--had left secure jobs at CNN, Fox News, and elsewhere, and some had uprooted families in far-off cities, to join what seemed an exciting, inspiring adventure.

Limbaugh Is Mad That Fox Reports Bad News About Republicans
By: Steve - February 9, 2016 - 9:00am

In the world of Rush Limbaugh, if you report any bad news about Republicans you are the bad guy, even if you are a news network that has a little slogan that claims they are fair and balanced. Even when they report and spin good news for Republicans 90% of the time, in Limbaughland if you report any bad news at all about Republicans you are slime.

Notice that in the insane world of Rush Limbaugh it is a crime for a conservative to say anything bad about another conservative, he said this: "conservative on conservative crime, so to speak."

Here is a partial transcript of some nonsense from Rush Limbaugh, enjoy:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: We had a caller yesterday, 'you know Rush? Fox News just doesn't seem as conservative anymore, no no no, they're always attacking conservatives, they're attacking, and suddenly they got all these liberals on there now, these analysts, and their experts and whatever. Strategists.

They're always going after conservatives now, at that debate, and I just don't understand, what does it mean?' And so I sought to explain to yesterday's caller, what I thought the explanation for this was. Bill O'Reilly aired that and then began a discussion of it with Katie Pavlich, who is the editor of So here is O'Reilly setting it up.

OK so that's O'Reilly playing the soundbite clip of me and then reacting to it. The point is - by the way, yesterday is not first time I've said this. I'm blue in the face saying it. I think it's true, not just of Fox. Hell, it explains half the behavior pattern of the GOP establishment.

They're tired of what people think of them, they want to just correct them or disabuse them of the notion and you get inside these capitals, the Washingtons, the New Yorks, inside these places, and the culture where the left runs them, the Democrats run both the corporate and social culture in these towns. And I don't have any doubt that being accused of being conservative is not cool. To a lot of people.

No, no, and so to demonstrate that they're fair - I don't think it's really trying to demonstrate they're not conservative. I think a better way of saying it is, that there are some people at Fox, and I don't know that it's a corporate thing, I just think some people think that if they go after conservatives, that they'll be seen as fair and not in the tank for anybody.

No more complicated than that. And I think its true of not just of people in the media, or at Fox, but if you ever encounter conservative on conservative crime, so to speak, I think one of the explanations is, that whoever is doing the criticizing is attempting to curry favor with whoever the power structure where they live is, so that they will not be lumped in with all these crazy, wacko pro-life conservatives and so forth.

Wait, didn't they just make my point there? Didn't they sort of in a sequitous way, make my point they want to be known as tough on both sides. They want to be known as being able to be tough on both sides, but nobody at NBC, or CBS, or ABC, or CNN worries about that. Does anybody ever get mad at CNN for the way they might go after, say Bill de Blasio, have you ever heard it happen?

Have you ever heard anybody complain at CNN about the way they go after Michael Moore? Take your pick of whoever. It doesn't happen, does it? I just don't think it's a complicated thing here at all.

What O'Reilly's point is 'we're in broadcast news, we do not have chosen sides, chosen candidates. We do not have favorites but talk radio does. Talk radio is - the hosts always favor somebody, and they are never skeptical, they're not skeptical of that person.'

I think talk radio holds more people accountable and in a tougher way than you'll find in a whole host of places. But anyway, that's what it was.

Senate Democrats Block Energy Bill After Republicans Refuse Aid For Flint
By: Steve - February 8, 2016 - 10:00am

Senate Democrats stood with Flint today by blocking the advancement of an energy bill after Republicans continued to drag their feet on an aid package for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

The final vote was 46-50. Republicans finished 16 votes short of the total needed to advance the energy bill.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called out Republicans two days ago on the Senate floor for their hypocrisy towards Flint.

Reid said this:
Last year Texas was devastated with historic flooding, it was the federal government that stepped in to provide disaster relief for the people of Texas. Who stepped in? The federal government stepped in to help the people of Texas. That's why I was disappointed to see the senior Senator from Texas say: "While we all have sympathy for what's happened in Flint this is primarily a local and state responsibility."

He didn't say that when the flooding was taking place last year.

Last year as Florida was hit with extreme flooding, the Senator who finished third last night in the Iowa caucuses (Marco Rubio) called for federal disaster assistance. But when it comes to the children and families of Flint, that Senator instead cautions against our action. He said he had not followed the situation closely but that:

"I believe the federal government's role in some of these things (is) largely limited unless it involves a federal jurisdictional issue."

Senator Rubio is not alone. Republican Senators routinely rush to the floor to demand federal aid when trouble hits their backyard. That's the right thing to do - Americans help each other in times of crisis.

This week, the Senate has a chance to help the families suffering through a public health crisis, I hope Republicans who have requested federal aid in the past won't turn their backs on the people of Flint. If a federal government response is necessary for natural disasters, shouldn't the federal government help respond to this man-made disaster?
Michigan Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters vowed to block the bipartisan energy bill until an amendment containing aid to Flint was agreed to. Negotiators are making progress, but some Republicans like Sen. Jim Inhofe (OK) insulted Democrats by proposing that aid to Flint be paid for out of vehicle manufacturing loan program.

In other words, Republicans are looking to take funding away from one key program that is key to Michigan to pay for aid to Flint.

Democrats should remember the Republican reluctance to help Flint the next time a Republican demands aid for his state after a disaster.

Senate Democrats are standing with Flint and are vowing to continue their blockade of the energy bill until an aid package is passed for Flint.

Voters In Iowa Caucus Say Sanders Got Cheated Out Of Delegates
By: Steve - February 7, 2016 - 11:50am

Keane Schwarz is certain he knows the outcome of the vote in his precinct: Because he was the only caucusgoer in Woodbury County No. 43.

But the Iowa Democratic Party's final results state that Hillary Clinton won one county No. 43 delegate and Bernie Sanders received zero.

"I voted for Bernie," Schwarz, 36, of Oto, told The Des Moines Register.

"It was really suspicious. I'm actually pretty irate about it." Complaints that Iowa Democrats have shared with the Register about discrepancies in caucus results appear to be valid. Party officials on Friday night were still reviewing reports and correcting errors and hadn't yet shared candidates updated totals of state delegate equivalents, which determine the winner of the caucuses. It also doesn't help the optics that the state party chairwoman drove around for years in a car with "HRC2016" license plates.

Several caucusgoers told the Register they thought Sanders had been shorted county delegates, including in Knoxville No. 3. A total of 110 people were present for the final vote, and the count was 58 people for Sanders and 52 people for Clinton -- which amounted to five county delegates for Sanders and four for Clinton, said Lonnie McCombs, a 59-year-old Knoxville Democrat who is retired from careers in the military and in manufacturing.

But when the Knoxville Journal Express newspaper posted the Democratic Party's official results, it showed Knoxville No. 3 results as Clinton with five county delegates and Sanders with four.

Steve Eck, who was Clinton's precinct captain for Knoxville No. 3, confirmed: "Somebody transposed those numbers."

In Cedar Rapids No. 9, the precinct's four delegates split evenly between Sanders and Clinton, who won by just one person's vote. 131 people signed in at the beginning of the caucus but two separate head counts showed that 136 people voted.

I hate to say it, but this looks bad for the Iowa Democratic party and the DNC. It's starting to look like the DNC and the Iowa state party rigged the vote for Clinton, which is sad, because if they did, they are no better than the Republicans who cheat in elections.

Republican Says The Right-Wing Media Controls The Republican Party
By: Steve - February 7, 2016 - 11:30am

Michael Smerconish: Right Wing Media Has "Supplanted The Leadership Of The GOP"

"Look To The Leadership Of The Republican Party. I'm Talking About Beck And Limbaugh And Hannity"

Partial Transcript:

BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): So here you wrote this column this week essentially talking about these incredibly popular conservative radio show hosts and talk show hosts who essentially you're saying have a grip on Republicans.

MICHAEL SMERCONISH: A greater -- I argue they have a greater sway on the GOP base than does the party leadership. And that that has taken place over last the 30 years. Brooke, when I'm out and about, not answering the phone on my own radio program, but leading my real life, people engage me about politics and what I hear most often is the question, people will say, explain to me, how did Donald Trump get to be the front-runner? How did Ted Cruz, two relatively bombastic personalities, get to be in this position?

BALDWIN: What do you say?

SMERCONISH: And I say look to the leadership of the Republican Party. I'm not talking about Reince Priebus. I'm not talking about Sean Spicer. I'm talking about Beck and Limbaugh and Hannity, because they've supplanted the leadership of the GOP. And so those candidates are a reflection, I think, of the talk radio world. And -

BALDWIN: Rhetoric, everything that's been stirred up --

SMERCONISH: Absolutely stirring the pot. But the problem I think is the party exists, the Republican Party, Democratic Party, for one purpose, to win elections. Those personalities exist for a different purpose which is to attract ears and eyeballs and clicks and frankly to make money. And I think those purposes are at odds.

O'Reilly & Fox Spin The Good Job Numbers Report
By: Steve - February 7, 2016 - 11:00am

In O'Reillyworld and on Fox News, good jobs numbers, higher wages, and lower unemployment are bad news. While the rest of the country sees it all as good news, especially the higher wages and increase in manufacturing jobs.

O'Reilly even had Trump and Christie on to talk doom and gloom about the good reports, while not having any Democrats on to counter their right-wing spin. O'Reilly, Trump, and Christie all slammed the report saying there are no good new jobs, which ignores the fact that 29,000 of them were in manufacturing, and that wage growth is up 2.5% over the last year.

It's all bad news for them, even though it is good news, and O'Reilly who has been complaining about wages going down, did not mention that wages are up over the last 12 months. Which are facts they all ignored to slam the Obama economy.

And that is why no Democrats were on to counter their spin, because they do not want you to hear or know the truth, and if these numbers had come out under a Republican President, they would praise them and say what a good job the Republian is doing, as they did under Bush when good numbers were reported on his watch.

It was not just O'Reilly, Trump, and Christie lying to you either, it was pretty much everyone at Fox.

Manufacturing Employment Hit a 7-Year High, And Fox Complains About The Lack Of Manufacturing Job.

Fox News attempted to negatively spin a January jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) by complaining about a lack of manufacturing jobs being created. Unfortunately for Fox, the report actually revealed robust job creation in manufacturing, which put total employment in that industry at a seven-year high.

On February 5, the BLS released its monthly "Employment Situation" summary for January 2016. The data showed that the economy created 151,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate fell marginally to 4.9 percent -- its lowest point since February 2008.

Economists and experts agreed that the report was "very encouraging."

On the February 5th edition of Fox News Your World, host Neil Cavuto and Fox Business host Gerri Willis complained that the report did not show enough evidence of job creation in well-paid industries like manufacturing.
GERRI WILLIS: A jobless rate of 4.9 percent, that is an eight-year low, looks so good. Lucious, right? Maybe not... The number of jobs created in the month, you're showing it right now: 151,000. A disappointment compared to what we expected: 200,000.

Now, good news on the wages front, up over the last 12 months 2.5 percent. You can see that there, $25.39 an hour. So that seems to be good news. Dig further though, Neil, what do we see? Here's what we see, the jobs created are disappointing.

58,000 retail jobs, we're talking about clerks, cashiers, people who walk through the Walmart, those are the kinds of jobs created. And also, restaurant and bars, so waitresses, waiters, bartenders, 47,000 jobs created.

We know from experience that these aren't the kind of jobs that can really fuel family growth, fuel family wealth. This isn't what the middle class needs right now, and that's what's so disappointing about this jobs report, today.

We're not seeing the kinds of big-time manufacturing jobs being created in this economy, and that's what Americans really need.
Now if you can do math, there is a problem, because 58 and 47 does not add up to 151, that means Fox is not telling you about the rest of the jobs created in January, and that includes the 29,000 manufacturing jobs that pay good money and are a big part of the 2.5% increase in wages.

The jobs report Cavuto and Willis discussed actually showed robust job creation in manufacturing (+29,000). MarketWatch columnist Rex Nutting noted that those 29,000 new workers pushed total manufacturing employment to 12.4 million, a seven-year high.

Apparently, no one told American manufacturers that their business is collapsing, because they kept on hiring more workers in January.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that manufacturing companies added 29,000 workers in January to reach a seven-year high of 12.4 million. After a soft patch in the middle of last year, it was the fourth month in a row that manufacturing payrolls had increased.

These are facts, the facts that O'Reilly, Trump, Christie, Cavuto, and Willis did not tell you about. Basically, they cherry picked and lied about the actual numbers, to spin a good jobs report into bad news to make Obama and the Democrats look bad.

Not only were factories hiring, they were working their employees longer shifts. Average weekly hours rose a tick to 40.7 hours in January, which is significant because the manufacturing workweek is considered to be one of the best leading indicators for the health of the economy as a whole.

This is what O'Reilly and Fox do, lie to you and ignore the facts, for political reasons.

How The Media Covered The Flint Michigan Water Crisis
By: Steve - February 7, 2016 - 10:00am

A couple networks covered it a little, one network and anchors covered it a lot, and one never covered it at all, including Bill O'Reilly who has not spent 1 minute on the story, and to this day has still not covered it at all.

This story hit the media in June of 2014, it was reported on a Flint radio news show. Since then, before January 5, 2016, MSNBC had 68 minutes of coverage, CBS has 2 minutes and 35 seconds, NBC had 2 minutes and 32 seconds, ABC 0 minutes, Fox Business and Fox News, 0 minutes, CNN, 0 minutes.

The O'Reilly Factor, 0 minutes, including now, O'Reilly has never reported the story one time.

Zero Minutes of coverage of the Flint water crisis on Fox News primetime programming prior to January 5, 2016, when the state of emergency was declared.

Think about that, a state of emergency is declared in America, where the national guard are called in, and O'Reilly ignored the entire story, and as of 2-2-16 he has still not said one word about it, and does not plan to report on it on the Tuesday 2-2-16 show either. And he has the #1 rated show in all of cable news, yet he ignored the story for 1.5 years.

The Detroit Free Press reported it in January of 2015, that is over a year ago, so it was in the media. This is a story of political crimes, corruption, a cover up, and who knows what else, it was made for cable news to cover, and yet Fox and O'Reilly ignore it all.

O'Reilly Admits The People At Fox Are Rooting For Republicans
By: Steve - February 6, 2016 - 11:50am

Chris Christie Calls Out A Fox & Friends Co-Host For "Rooting For Trump" On The Network

Bill O'Reilly: "I Don't Think That There's Any Surge For Any One Candidate On This Network"

And during the segment O'Reilly basically admitted the people at Fox are rooting for all the Republicans, not just Christie. O'Reilly also ignored the fact that he is rooting for his friend Trump, and helping him by putting him on his show at least once a week.

Partial transcript:

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): You are are running in single digits in all the polls in New Hampshire. You've spent a lot of time there. You got a lot of media attention. I think we've been fair to you at Fox, although you gave the Fox & Friends guys a little jazz the other day, you said they were rooting for Trump. Do you really believe the Fox & Friends guys are rooting for Trump?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Now, listen, I think that Doocy gets me on the air and asks me, you know, four questions on Donald Trump. You know, should Donald Trump have a do-over in Iowa? You know, once you ask it the third time, you should get off it. So, you know me Bill, I've always been the kind of guy where I'll take a couple of questions that I think are kind of off the beaten trail--

O'REILLY: Yeah you're pretty straightforward, but you're dodging my question now. Do you think they're rooting for Trump in the mornings here?

CHRISTIE: I think Doocy might be rooting for Trump, yeah.

O'REILLY: I think Doocy got promised he's going to be the ambassador to a very warm country. I don't know, I mean. I watch the show -- but I don't think that there's any surge for any one candidate on this network. I think it's all over the place. I mean, we got people rooting for you, got people rooting for Trump, people rooting for Cruz, Rubio, whatever it may be.
Colin Powell Kills Bogus Fox/GOP Email Scandal About Hillary Clinton
By: Steve - February 6, 2016 - 11:30am

Here is the deal folks, this is something Bill O'Reilly will never tell you. A group of partisan Republicans in Congress retroactively classified some of Hillary Clinton's emails, they were not classified when she sent them, they were ruled to be classified after she sent them.

This was done to hurt her politically and to create a made up scandal to stop her from becoming the next President. The whole thing is a made up scandal by Republicans in the House who have the majority, and it is being promoted by all of Fox News, the Republican party, all of the right-wing media in print, radio, and tv, including Bill O'Reilly.

There is no scandal, it was created to hurt Hillary Politically, then Fox News took over reporting it non-stop as if it was a real scandal. And now we have even more proof, because they also retroactively classified some of the Republican Colin Powells emails, and the Republican Condi Rice's emails.

Now here is the difference, neither O'Reilly, the GOP, Fox News, or anyone on the right is calling for Powell and Rice to be prosecuted and put in jail for sending classified emails. They are silent, which proves they are totally biased right-wing hacks who have no credibility and can not be trusted to report the news in an impartial way.

Former Republican Sec. of State Colin Powell recently reacted to an NBC News report that the State Department is retroactively classifying his emails by calling for all of his emails to be released.

Powell said this, "I wish they would release them, so that a normal, air-breathing mammal would look at them and say, 'What's the issue?' They were unclassified at the time, and they are, in my judgment, still unclassified."

Clinton campaign manager John Podesta said in a statement, "This announcement about Secretary Powell's emails shows just how routine it is for government bureaucrats to go overboard when it comes to judging whether information is too sensitive for the public to see. Hillary Clinton agrees with her predecessor that his emails, like hers, are being inappropriately subjected to over-classification. She joins his call for these emails to be released so that the public can view the contents for itself."

The State Department’s bureaucratic retroactive classification of emails has gone beyond the bounds of common sense. Republicans love to use the reclassification of the emails as circumstantial proof that Clinton must have done something wrong.

Now that the State Department is classifying emails from the Bush administration, Republicans are in a bind. The idea that Clinton did something wrong has been dealt a death blow.

O'Reilly and the Republicans will use their favorite tactic of ignoring the Powell and Rice emails while talking about Clinton, but the idea that Hillary Clinton was illegally leaking classified information has been wounded now that the former Republican administration is also under scrutiny.

The Republican presidential candidates have been using the idea of Hillary Clinton ending up in jail as an applause line, but if Clinton should go to jail for her emails, Colin Powell and Condi Rice should be sharing a cell with her.

Republicans believe that the emails are their best chance of beating Clinton, but the scandal that they are hanging their hat on just went up in smoke.

And as of today, Bill O'Reilly has not said a word about it, or had Powell on his show to discuss it, and he never will, because he is a biased right-wing hack with no credibility. A real journalist would report this story, and have Powell on to discuss it.

O'Reilly Attacks CNN For Simply Doing Their Job
By: Steve - February 6, 2016 - 11:00am

To begin with, CNN did nothing wrong here and O'Reilly is lying to you when he says they did. They simply reported what the Carson campaign staff told them, and they even admit they told CNN what they reported. O'Reilly also admitted the Cruz campaign was wrong to do what they did, and said the staffers who told CNN what they did should be punished.

O'Reilly Attacks CNN, Says "Honest Reporting Is Becoming Almost Scarce"

O'Reilly also said this:

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): As we reported yesterday, while the caucus voting was underway in Iowa, a CNN reporter, Chris Moody tweeted misleading information about the Carson campaign. Almost immediately, the Cruz campaign used that information to tell Iowa voters that Carson may be withdrawing from the race. Dr. Carson believes that hurt his vote tally. Ted Cruz has apologized. CNN says it did nothing wrong.

Now, there is no question that CNN is responsible for the false report. But the Cruz campaign is also wrong, and Senator Cruz should take disciplinary action against some of his staff. However, that may not happen.

As far as CNN is concerned, it says it is standing behind its initial report, which is ludicrous. That news agency screwed up big time and apparently doesn't care.

Talking Points has said it many times, the state of American journalism is on the verge of collapse. Ideology has permeated hard news coverage and honest reporting is becoming almost scarce, especially in political circles. CNN should apologize. Ted Cruz should take some action. And this should never happen again.


And after saying "Ideology has permeated hard news coverage and honest reporting" it is not true that O'Reilly was hit by lightning for hypocrisy, because he is a dishonest journalist who has a right-wing ideology. In fact, O'Reilly is one of the most dishonest journalists in the country, so he has no right to complain about dishonest journalists.

Here are the facts: A CNN spokesperson defended the network's coverage to The Hill, saying its correspondent reported the information provided by the Carson campaign.

"Dr. Carson's staff informed CNN that he would return home to take a 'deep breath' before resuming his activities on the campaign trail. That information was reported accurately by CNN across TV and digital," the spokesperson said in an email.

One person at CNN who is an opinion analyst (just like O'Reilly is) speculated that what the Carson campaign told them means he is dropping out of the race. This does not give O'Reilly the right to blame it on all of CNN, especially when he said it's ok for opinion analysts like him to give opinions.

Carson himself even suggested that Cruz reprimand his campaign staff for fanning speculation during the Iowa caucus Monday that Carson was ending his campaign, which Cruz dismissed.

Earth to Bill O'Reilly, if someone on a campaign staff tells you something you report it, they call it journalism, something you know nothing about. Even if it hurts the Carson campaign, it is there job to report it. Unlike you, they did not hide the info like you would have to protect Carson, the people to blame are the Carson campaign staffers, and the Cruz campaign, not CNN.

The feuding escalated on Wednesday, with Carson holding a press conference in Washington, D.C., to bring attention to Cruz's tactics in Iowa. Cruz has said his staff circulated an initial CNN report to supporters saying Carson was taking a break from the campaign trail and wasn't going on to the next primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina.

And his staff did not distribute a follow-up report clarifying that Carson was simply taking a brief break from the campaign trail and returning home to Florida, which his opponents have seized on to knock Cruz.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday defended her network on air after Cruz continued to reference the initial CNN report, where the network reported that Carson was taking a "break" from campaigning.

O'Reilly is a biased right-wing hack and he just used the report to slam CNN because he does not like them. Diverting the attention from what the Cruz campaign did, O'Reilly is helping Cruz and making a partisan attack on CNN. O'Reilly also never once reported about Cruz sending out the illegal mailers that looked like the state sent them out, he ignored that story too because he does not want to make Cruz look bad.

The only dishonest journalist in this story is Bill O'Reilly, and he knows it. He is trying to cover for the Cruz campaign by blaming it on CNN, notice that nobody else in America is doing that, except Bill O'Reilly. The real journalists are reporting the story as it happened, not making stuff up to do cheap attacks on people at CNN.

Note to Bill O'Reilly, you are not the journalism watchdog for America, just do your job and stop worrying about what the other real journalists are doing. You make a fool of yourself and prove you are a partisan hack by doing this, and it does no good, it's just a waste of time because nobody cares what you think about other journalists.

O'Reilly Says Trump Lost Iowa By Skipping The Fox Debate
By: Steve - February 6, 2016 - 10:00am

Then again, maybe the people of Iowa were just smart enough to not vote for Trump, maybe the people of Iowa just did not want Trump to win, did you ever think of that O'Reilly, you Trump loving moron.

O'Reilly: "It Was An Incredible Blunder" For Donald Trump To Not Attend Fox News Debate

O'Reilly Let Donald Trump Lie About The Unemployment Numbers
By: Steve - February 6, 2016 - 9:00am

Friday night Bill O'Reilly let the GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump push a phony conspiracy theory that unemployment rate is really 25 percent.

On February 5th, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its monthly "Employment Situation" summary for January 2016. The BLS reported that the economy created 151,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent -- its lowest point since February 2008.

So the biased Republican Bill O'Reilly invited Trump on the February edition of his show to respond to the report asking whether we should "give the president credit" for the low unemployment rate? While also not having any other guests to provide a counterpoint to what Trump was saying.

Trump claimed that "the real unemployment number is 25 percent, and probably higher than that." O'Reilly failed to push back on Trump's allegation simply stating, "Okay, so you're not going to give President Obama any credit for the 4.9."

And now the facts, the non-partisan website rated the Trump claim false. He has said this before, and he is saying it again, he was lying then and he is lying now. But neither time did O'Reilly correct the Trump lies, because he does not want to, he is also a Republican so he wants people to believe those lies because it will hurt Obama.

Here is what reported:

We have previously debunked the notion that the government somehow cooks the books when it calculates the unemployment rate. But is there a legitimate statistic that reaches as high as 25 percent?

As it happens, there are measures of unemployment beyond the familiar unemployment rate. However, none of the more expansive measures comes close to the level Trump suggests.

The most expansive statistic calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, called the U-6 rate, is sometimes offered as a more "complete" picture of joblessness. Currently, the U-6 rate of "labor underutilization" is 9.9 percent.

That's higher than the more familiar 4.9 percent unemployment rate, but it’s also well below the 25 percent Trump claimed.

So is there another credible way to calculate it? Maybe. For instance, U-6 doesn't count people who chose to take care of their kids full-time, went back to school or retired early to avoid having to compete for a job.

In January 2009, there were 80.5 million Americans 16 and over who were not in the labor force. Today, that number is slightly below 93 million. So the number not in the labor force has increased by about 12.5 million.

If you factor this number into the U-6 calculation (and subtract the "marginally attached" category to avoid double counting) you get a back-of-the-envelope rate of 13 percent.

But even this is almost certainly too high, since that would assume that every one of those 12.5 million Americans staying out of the workforce in the Obama years has done so because of the poor job market. In reality, we're in the midst of the first big wave of Baby Boom retirements, so a share of those 12.5 million likely reflect this historically large pool of retirees.

For the sake of argument, let's assume that half the additional increase in people out of the labor force comes from the Baby Boom retirement surge. That would mean the "new" unemployment rate -- perhaps we can call this new statistic "U-7" -- is about 13 percent.

Other guesstimates would produce slightly higher or lower percentages, but the important thing is that the numbers in this range are well short of the 25 percent Trump mentioned.

Getting the number up to 25 percent would require roping into the count people who are high-school and college students and people who are happily retired -- that is, people who technically aren't working, but who have no reason to be. And that's a bridge too far.

Our ruling

Trump said, "Our real unemployment is 25 percent. Don't believe the 4.9. Don't believe it."

Setting aside his paranoia about the federal government cooking the books, Trump is off-base even if you give him the maximum benefit of the doubt.

The highest official government statistic for under-employment is 9.9 percent -- which is less than half as high as Trump claims.

And if you make a quick and dirty attempt to expand the scope of this measurement to include other Americans left uncounted in the standard statistics, there's no plausible way to get it past 13 percent -- and even that's stretching it. That's well below the range Trump cited, so we rate the claim False.

Obama: Jobs Report Inconvenient for O'Reilly/GOP Doom and Despair Tour
By: Steve - February 5, 2016 - 11:55am

This is for the lying O'Reilly and the Republicans who keep lying that the economy is terrible, they are liars, because the economy is doing great. And anyone who says it is not can not be trusted, including Bill O'Reilly, who keeps saying the economy is in Chaos, when in reality it is doing great and getting better every quarter.

President Obama said the "durable" U.S. economy has continued to grow this year despite what Republican presidential candidates have been claiming on the campaign trail.

"I know that's still inconvenient for Republican stump speeches as their doom and despair tour plays in New Hampshire. I guess you cannot please everybody," Obama said.

Employers added 151,000 new jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent -- the first time the jobless rate has dipped below 5 percent since February 2008.

Obama Proposing More Spending on Job Training Programs.

Obama Expresses His Desire to 'Make College Affordable for Every American.

Speaking briefly to reporters today, Obama said the U.S. economy is the "strongest in the world."

"We should feel good about the progress we've made," he said, before noting that more can be done to boost the economy. Obama also compared the nation's economy to his gym workouts.

"If it's working, then we should be staying on that same path," he said, adding that he doesn't reach for a "big double-bacon cheeseburger" after a good workout at the gym.

Only Bill O'Reilly and the Republicans think 150,000 to 200,000 new jobs every month and a 4.9% unemployment rate is bad news and chaos, they are idiots and liars, and if this were happening under a Republican President they would be reporting how great it is every night.

Governor Urged To Quit After Emails Release On legionnaires Outbreak
By: Steve - February 5, 2016 - 11:50am

And btw folks, Bill O'Reilly has still not said one word about the Flint water crisis story, not a word. Now if you are a Republican or a Democrat, you hate O'Reilly or love him, dont you think the guy who has the #1 rated show in all of cable news should be reporting this big story. The Governor lied, he was to blame for kids and other people having poison in their water, he should not only be impeached, he should be put on trial.

And O'Reilly will not even mention the story, even though he claims to be an Independent with a no spin zone who is fair to everyone, give me a break, everyone in the media except for partisan right-wing hacks are reporting this story. Because it involves a Republican Governor and his viewers would send him hate mail if he reported on it.

This is the real story with O'Reilly, he is not reporting the story for 2 reasons. Because a Republican is involved, and because if he reported it his 90% right-wing viewers would flood him with hate mail for talking about it. O'Reilly could care less about the people, or the kids of Flint, all he cares about is covering for Republicans and reporting on news his far-right viewers like.

O'Reilly even claims to care about the kids, which is now just laughable. If he really cared about the kids he would be reporting this story, calling for the Governor to resign, and calling for the feds to step in and give Michigan the money to replace those lead filled water pipes right now. Instead, he ignores the entire story, proving he isnothing but a right-wing hack.

Here is the new story O'Reilly is ignoring:

High-ranking officials in Governor Rick Snyder's administration were aware of a surge in legionnaires disease potentially linked to Flint's water long before the Michigan governor reported the increase to the public last month, internal emails show.

After the release of the emails, the Michigan Democratic party called for Snyder to step down on Thursday. Republicans, on the other hand, were silent, so much for caring about the kids and justice.

When Snyder disclosed the spike in legionnaires cases on January 13th, he said he had learned about it just a couple of days earlier. But emails obtained by Progress Michigan through public-records requests show Snyder's own office was aware of the outbreak since last March. At the time, others in the administration were scrambling to respond to suggestions that bacteria in the city's new water source, the Flint river, could be the culprit.

Following the release of the emails on Thursday, the state Democratic party called for Snyder to resign, following weeks of increased criticism of the governor for the state's delayed response in addressing the crisis.

"There is a limit to how many times you can play dumb when it comes to events and actions that take place on your watch," said the Michigan Democratic party chairman, Brandon Dillon, in a statement. "Governor Snyder is attempting to employ this tactic again, claiming he wasn't told of the connection, made almost a year before he informed the public, between Flint's water and the legionella bacteria."

Hack O'Reilly Slams Daily Beast For Reporting The Truth About Beck
By: Steve - February 5, 2016 - 11:30am

Thursday night Bill O'Reilly slammed the Daily Beast for simply reporting the truth about Glenn Beck and his failing media empire. Notice he does not dispute any of their reporting, which is very telling, all he does is say because they used some anonymous sources you can not believe it. Ignoring the fact that what they reported has been proven to be true, with numerous sources, including the CEO who resigned, and others who were fired.

O'Reilly is pathetic, he just does not like someone reporting the truth about his good friend Glenn Beck, who is going through a rough time, so he attacks the guy who simply wrote the article. Everything he wrote has proven to be true, and Beck himself does not deny any of it, and yet, the biased idiot O'Reilly slams the Daily Beast writer for simply reporting the truth, just because he used a couple anonymous sources who still work there.

And btw, O'Reilly used his tip of the day segment to slam the Daily Beast and the writer Lloyd Grove (who O'Reilly hates), which was not a tip of the day. He did this so he would not have any guests on to discuss it, or to counter what he said. And that is not journalism, it's being a partisan hack trying to cover for a friend.

O'Reilly complains about anonymous sources, while he has been hyping the Clinton e-mail scandal, which is nothing but anonymous sources, so he does the very same thing. He also ignores the fact that Grove did use on the record sources in the article, so it was not all anonymous sources, as he admitted he did not even read the article after he saw the words anonymous sources. Which he has also complained about, saying if you do not read something or watch it, you can not slam it, then he does that very thing.

O'Reilly calls Grove a guttersnipe and garbage, and never once proves anything he wrote is wrong, no facts, just a biased and partisan attack on someone who reported the truth about his friend Glenn Beck. The guttersnipe and the garbage is Bill O'Reilly, who claims to only report the facts and never call anyone names, as he ignores all the facts and calls people guttersnipes.

One last thing, how do you fire an internet news service? Salon is also not a hate site, and if he does not like the news he gets from Google news, he will fire them too, haha, that is too funny, and O'Reilly is a total idiot.

Here is what the total hack O'Reilly said:

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Finally tonight, The Factor tip of the day is a real danger if you're consuming news on the net. For example, I recently changed my news service from Yahoo to Google because Yahoo uses the hate website Salon in its news pages. That's unacceptable to me. Now, Google may do the same thing. If it does, I'll fire them.

I mean, this has reached critical mass. Let me give you an example. This week a vicious article about Glenn Beck came out on a website called The Daily Beast. It's written by guttersnipe Lloyd Grove, a despicable person. Let me just quote you from the article. Colleagues and underlings of Beck interviewed by The Daily Beast, on condition of anonymity. I stopped right there. Just garbage. Can't identify anyone on the record and you use cowards to trash another human being.

And here's the kicker, the editor of The Daily Beast, John Avlon, has written a book that trashes Beck. And nowhere is that mentioned in the article. Not acceptable. Blatantly dishonest. Factor tip of the day: walk away.

O'Reilly Claims 3rd Place Is The Winner In Iowa
By: Steve - February 5, 2016 - 11:00am

O'Reilly Joins The Media Declaring Third Place Iowa Finisher Marco Rubio The Winner Of Iowa Caucus

Earth to Bill O'Reilly, 3rd place is not winning, all it did was keep Rubio in the race, if he had come in less than 3rd he would be done, if he is not already. It's down to Trump and Cruz, and you know it. Rubio is too moderate to win the Republican primary, and you know it.

Partial Transcript:

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Trump is still very strong in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, the three upcoming votes. The media of course despises Donald Trump, and will paint him as a loser if they can, but here on The Factor we are fair. And the truth is, Trump remains very formidable.

Senator Marco Rubio, the big winner in Iowa last night, his campaign is now very competitive and should remain so unless there's something about the Senator that the folks don't know. Remember, in New Hampshire the voters can vote for any party, so Rubio has a much wider audience than he had in Iowa. Summing up, Cruz, Trump, Rubio all viable.

Fox News Was Silent When George W. Bush Spoke At A Mosque
By: Steve - February 5, 2016 - 10:00am

President Obama recently visited a mosque to talk about religion and discrimination, and of course O'Reilly and his right-wing friends flipped out, even though they said nothing when the Republican George W. Bush did the very same thing.

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), cast Obama's suggestion that the United States discriminates against Muslims as Obama pitting Americans "against each other."

Others criticized Obama for the mosque he chose. And late Wednesday night, Donald Trump said perhaps Obama "feels comfortable there" -- a comment thick with innuendo from a man who championed conspiracy theories about Obama's birthplace.

"We have a lot of problems in this country, Greta," Trump said on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show. "There are a lot of places he can go, and he chose a mosque."

Jeb Bush, on the other hand, argued it was a positive step. And as we've discussed before, his brother George W. Bush would likely agree. The elder Bush, after all, visited a mosque shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks with a message pretty similar to Obama's.

So why is something a Republican president did in 2001 suddenly divisive when a Democratic president does it 15 years later?

Because Republicans are idiots that want to use anything they can to slam Obama.

Rubio is free to enunciate why that is -- and it could definitely have something to do with Obama singling out Republicans in the speech and his refusal to say the words "radical Islam" (though Rubio didn't mention those things in his comments) -- but more broadly, Islam is simply something that gives an increasing number of Republicans heartburn.

A Pew poll in 2002 showed 47 percent of Republicans and independents who leaned Republican said either "most" or "half/some" Muslims are "anti-American." Today, that number is now 63 percent.

Just 3 in 10 Republicans say the number of anti-American Muslims is only "just a few" or "none." Think about that for a moment, and it's not hard to see why many Republicans rallied to Donald Trump's proposed ban on all Muslim immigrants.

Pew has a lot of other data showing GOP voters are significantly more suspicious of how violent a religion Islam is and are much more likely to say that politicians shouldn't be afraid of saying things that might be seen as critical of Islam.

But the chart above shows, better than just about anything else, how much more polarized we are on this issue. Call it the Trump Effect. Call it a symptom of how Americans now get their news and information. Call it a reaction to the rise of the Islamic State.

Whatever it is, it is much more pitched than it was even after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Bush's move at the time was seen as somewhat bold; in today's Republican Party -- and without the huge popularity Bush enjoyed in the days after 9/11 -- it's not a stretch to argue that it never would have happened.

It's a non-story to everyone but Republicans, and Bill O'Reilly, who did an entire segment on it on the Wednesday night Factor show.

Jeb Bush: Turn The Lights Back On And Please Clap For Me
By: Steve - February 4, 2016 - 11:30am

Wow, this is just sad. Not once but twice the lights went out on Mr. 3% Jeb Bush during a speech he was giving in New Hampshire. Then after a big long statement about how great a President he will be, there was silence while he waited for people to clap, so he had to beg them to clap by saying "please clap."

How bad are you when you spend $50 million dollars and your own supporters at your own rally will not even clap for you, about as bad as it gets, Bush is toast and he should get out of the race and stop making a fool of himself and the Bush name.

Struggling Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was forced to politely ask a group of supporters to applaud for him on Wednesday after a rant about his ability to lead the country was met with complete silence.

Speaking at an event in Manchester, New Hampshire on Wednesday, Bush lashed out at GOP hopeful Donald Trump, and promised not to be a divisive president.

"My pledge to you, I will be a commander-in-chief that will have the back of the military," he said. "I won't trash talk, I won't be a divider-in-chief or an agitator-in-chief. I won't be out there blowharding, talking a big game without backing it up."

"I think the next president needs to be a lot quieter, but send a signal that we're prepared to act in the national security interest of this country," Bush added. "To get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world."

Bush paused, waiting for approval from the crowd. But instead, he was met with an awkward silence.

"Please clap," Bush said, looking demoralized. Then the crowd obliged.

The lights also went out two times, and I would say this, turn out the lights the party is over. Someone is sending Bush a message, that he is done and it's time to turn out the lights on your campaign.

In fact, I can not believe anyone is donating money to someone who is at 3%, I sure would not do it, and if I had donated, I would ask for a refund, because I am sure they were told Bush can win if he has the money. But it's clear he is toast, the Bush name was ruined by his brother George, and it looks to be a bad decision for Jeb to even run for President.

GOP Even Uses Dirty Tricks On Other Republicans
By: Steve - February 4, 2016 - 11:00am

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson slammed an unnamed 2016 rival Monday night, saying a campaign had played dirty tricks on him by suggesting to voters shortly before the caucusing began that he had dropped out of the race.

"I was reasonably happy today until I discovered the dirty tricks that were going on and people spreading rumors that I had dropped out and that people should caucus for somebody else," said Carson, opening his concession speech at the Marriott hotel in West Des Moines.

"I mean do you think that's something that is acceptable?" he asked.

And btw, Bill O'Reilly does not report any of this stuff, but if a Democrat did something similar to this, he would lose his mind and report it every night for a week.

This is what Republicans do folks, in the last election the Republican party sent out official looking mailers (in key states) that told Democrats to vote on the wrong day. They also sent out mailers telling people to vote in the wrong place so their vote would not count, or give out the wrong address for the voting place so they could not find it. And nobody ever does anything to them, they do it over and over and never get punished for it.

Carson also said this: "We are in the process of collapsing from within... if we continue to accept deceit and dirty tricks and lies," Carson said. "And people who do that are still viable candidates for president of the United States and we accept it and that's the problem."

Bush Is So Bad 49 Million Only Got Him 3 Percent Of The Vote
By: Steve - February 4, 2016 - 10:00am

It's official, the Bush name is ruined. Jeb Bush has raised $100 million dollars and spent $50 million of it, and what did that get him, 3% of the vote. So he is done and should get out of the race now, his brother George ruined the BUsh name and no Bush will ever be a President again, thank God.

Jeb Bush's campaign and the super PAC supporting his presidential candidacy have far outspent all other 2016 competitors on advertising, exceeding the amount spent by all campaigns at this point in 2012 by $10 million.

Together, Bush and his Right to Rise super PAC have spent a combined $49 million on advertisements across the country.

Right to Rise reported raising $103 million last summer and has spent $47.5 million on ads. Bush’s official campaign, meanwhile, has spent $1.5 million. But combined, the former Florida governor's campaign and super PAC have doled out $23 million in New Hampshire and more than $10 million in Iowa.

Bush's ad spending nearly doubles that of the next biggest spender in the race: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, whose allies have spent a combined $25.6 million in advertising -- $7.8 million in Iowa and $7.3 million in New Hampshire.

Bush is polling in fifth place in Iowa at 3% and sixth place in New Hampshire, according to the RealClearPolitics averages of state polls.

In contrast, Donald Trump -- who maintains a double-digit lead over his Republican rivals in the first national survey released this year -- has spent just $1.5 million on ads. Trump announced last week he would begin spending nearly $2 million a week in early states, such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

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Proof The O'Reilly Factor is Biased Against Barack Obama
O'Reilly said he is a non-partisan Independent, who is fair to both sides, and that he has been fair to Barack Obama. To check that claim I did a 3 month study of the Factor, it started on August 1st, 2008, and ran until October 31st, 2008. I watched the Factor every night and counted the negative and positive comments for Obama and McCain.

Visit the web page I set up, and you will see the stunning bias from O'Reilly and his mostly Republican guests against Barack Obama. Then you will see there is no doubt Bill O'Reilly is a dishonest and biased Conservative. This study is conclusive proof that O'Reilly is in the tank for John McCain.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The 3 Month Factor Bias Study:

Proof O'Reilly Lied About The Balance on His Show
O'Reilly claims the factor is balanced, and that he personally makes sure every week he has an equal number of Republican and Democrat guests. This is a bold faced lie, and I can prove it. I put together a web page that shows the guest list from the factor for the last 2 weeks. Read it and you will see with your own eyes that Bill O'Reilly is lying when he says the factor is balanced.

And remember that we are 3 weeks before a major Presidential election, or the Republican bias numbers would be worse than it is normally. O'Reilly is actually having more Democrats on than he usually does, and the balance is still not even close. If we were not so close to an election it would be a lot worse.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The Lies About The Factor Balance:

O'Reilly Sucks Investigation: Dishonesty, Deception, And Bias By Bill O'Reilly
O'Reilly claims there are no Republicans or Conservative groups that rival George Soros. O'Reilly said the top three conservative tax-exempt foundations are totally dwarfed by Soros and the radical Ford Foundation. And that they have 15 times more the assets. George Soros net worth is $8.5 billion, the Ford Foundation has a net worth of $13 billion. But the seven billionaires who donate to Newt Gingrich and other right-wing causes have a combined net worth of $34.8 billion dollars.

Somehow O'Reilly claims that Soros and the Ford Foundation have 15 times more the assets than anyone on the right. When the seven billionaires alone who give money to Newt, have roughly $14 billion more than Soros and the Ford Foundation combined.

Visit the web page below to see the massive money O'Reilly has ignored from the right:

(( Right-Wing Hate Speech Ignored by Bill O'Reilly ))
O'Reilly claims there is no hate on the right, that it's all on the left. But the way he defines hate is ridiculous, if a liberal blog or website writes an article that criticizes George W. Bush (or any Republican) O'Reilly calls it hate. When it's not hate, it's reporting the facts, there is no hate. A great example is when websites like,, etc. criticize O'Reilly he calls it hate, and says they are hate groups who lie about him.

That is a lie, it is not hate, and they are not hate websites. There is real hate on the internet, but O'Reilly does not report it, because most of it is from the right. I have documented this hate in my blog and on a web page, all of it was ignored by Bill O'Reilly, and it was never reported on the Factor.

Visit the web page below to see the massive right-wing hate O'Reilly has ignored: Privacy Policy

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